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Dude, he put a sword in his hand. He brought two halves together. I could and I was very happy.

The man turned his back and his back. Under the influence of strange magic, in the utopian world, in abstract form,

The sky and the ground corresponded to a line on the horizon. There is a sky above, a ground at the bottom and a red line between them.

Day and night are equal, not two lines. Because it was night and day.

If the duvet is a floor mat or a sky blue and a green area plate, the combinations are a straight and colorless line. Although the world seemed to turn, it was a straight line when it was known. Go to the end of your head

Daytime and night; two colored duvet covers, ie black and white linens. Both sides were united and the line between them was not only two. The line is neither black nor

There was a single, thin line between life and death. An invisible line. However, this line is not a digital line. The digital display counts as one, two, three. So it's clear. The analog display shows intermediate spaces, ie fractions. The number is full of numbers and the picture is not clear.

Indicator of life between birth and death Periods between birth and death You do not know how long they live, but you see the housing section as concrete. So, human life; Not as clear as digital; fluid fracture. In other words, the line in the vector is not an intangible, abstract line. For example, electric current

was a living man and lived. On the hill, there was a brain running and running in these big heads. Mentally, there was something called a brain. Man was a smart creature

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