I write good days.

in #story4 years ago

I erased my pen, I write to you our love, the eternity of being eternal and the beautiful days I love. I love you. One of the beings in my heart, , who is just a name, will not wrap my body and my life.

Then my heart speaks with slice, having you, my heart and my heart will make you look like a rose. I love you like a young man and I will live in my heart. The only thing I know is LOVE , you are reviving the roses and color of my heart.

You; The lyrics of composers explain opening. You; the only rose of my garden, the sole owner of my heart, the hope of my life is mona rozam. I'm gonna be the only damage I get from me. I'm sorry, I'm suffering again. My uncle's daughter smiled, I have one heart.

For your brown eyes, I want to express my love for you with the sincerity of my heart. I want to go face to face with my love. I love you, my heart's infinite single rose.

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