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In India, he drank a bottle with two big buckets that he wore on the end of a long stick clinging to his neck. One of the buckets is cracked. The rugged bucket completed his long journey to the boss's house and put only half of the water into the bucket. This situation continues for two years every day. He only paid $ 12 for his boss.

When the rugged bucket was proud of his success, he was ashamed to do only half the weak scoop. At the end of two years he called the hatchery to the end of the river.
"I am ashamed of myself and I want to apologize to you."
"Why is that?" He asked. "Why are you ashamed?"
Aquarius answered. I can only do half of my duty for two years because of the water leak in my mission crack. You work so hard because of my fault, you can't get the full value of labor. tight

I want you to notice the flowers at the side of the road on the way back to the boss's house. As he climbed the hill, he saw the sun fall into the wild nature of a broken hive. However, he felt bad that he lost half his water at the end of the road and apologized again. He wanted a bucket.

Is it possible to find any of the main lines and other hives on the way? Because I know the purpose and I use it. I put the flower shop next to the road and watered it the other day. He couldn't live at home. "

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