I trust

in #story4 years ago

You're not on this road
What are you going to do?
What Languages ​​Don't Know?
Eyes to say
No Answer Will Not Be Difficult
And the pain to be divided;
Two joy folded
And looking forward
You're not always me, I always liked the synchronization
have you ever looked at me while chasing me all the time
Did you ever think you put your head on the pillow?
I got it back without you
I will always stay with you …

I still don't complain when I'm still you
my eyes are still following my eyes, I can't hold my eyes when I put my hands around my head

I will always stay with you …
Tell me you're happy now
into the heart of the heart
for love
love of happiness love of happiness
burning hearts
I'm not saying I'm happy now.
look at my face
look at my eyes
if you can lift your head
life white world
now the lands will end
I still trust you, I believe you.
How much he wanted, how he walked, how much I wanted, I asked you something, I love you I love you how can I love you How can I love you How can I love you Can I trust you? Your dreams promise, patience is not too much trust, you trust.

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