I looked around.

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My place was in front of me. Not in the middle of nowhere. She was only a half a from the stage. I could hear the sound only once or twice throughout the game, which was hidden in the scene, but we couldn't see the audience and wanted to learn in the future. Because he was right in front of me.
When I went to a theater for the first time in my life, I couldn't understand that this guy was hiding under this scene and that he only spoke once or twice, but he didn't understand. I'm watching a game that this person doesn't understand that they don't understand anything.

The living room was full of shit. Tickets were sold in advance. My 25 years of labor was given here as a gift.
Other gifts were given.

Celebrating my 25-year study, the company's general manager spoke about the right to speak and speak.

My general manager turned to me:

, I look like a big cardboard carton. An empty front and back, but we can't give up a box of cartons.

All friends laughed at the words of the general manager. I didn't understand anything, but I did what I said, but my wife was as embarrassed as and I thanked her.

I was sitting in 12th position. I looked around, I looked around, curiously. The hall was empty. I was only 45 minutes ago. Of course it's exciting. Actually, my wife wanted me to come early. I shouldn't be too late because I was invited to an important place.
Looking at the stage and purple velvet curtains.

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