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Sir. Single subject and magic word: Love. This subject has been questioned by our intellectuals, artists and lovers. Sometimes there were wars, sometimes people went crazy in the desert.

However, love has always occurred independently of the word. This model sometimes has a curved tip; Sometimes it is done unfortunately. The poem of our poem, which has a very important place in human history, expressed the love of understanding the inner world to our feelings.

Uy, sits next to a boyfriend who loves a poem as content and suffers from it. In the poem, there is a pessimistic atmosphere created by the soul of sorrow that leaves the beloved. An attempt was made to express with a realistic pen. Those who do not belong to the outside world have remained in sorrow.

When poetry is shaped, it is necessary to combine the style of folk literature products. The verse is written in four verses.

In the Bg style gg abab - cccb - dddb - eeeb - fffb - gggb The images on the continent in the poem are based on silent letters, but there is a rhyme attachment on the Internet.

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