He's in trouble

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Her heart was already small. You'll learn a lot more lately and you'll be braver as you grow. It was a voice he hadn't heard before. A place seemed to be rocking. Maybe he wasn't so scared. Her mother was very brave, and she knew this forest from behind. He used to tell me what it was.

She hid herself well behind a tree. With fear and curiosity, he began to look at the source of the sound. The weather was dark, dawn had not yet left, but he could see what was happening. In addition, there were puddles of snow that had not yet melted.

He seemed to find a place with hundreds of meters of monsters. The sky seems to have changed from air to air. There were millions of lights until I saw him in the sky until he was around.

It should be hidden very well. Although she doubled the number of hearts, she's never seen her, but she didn't want to. After the lightning was over, they would tell the mother and her siblings.

Hundreds of people passed in front of the lights. His curiosity suppressed his fears. He'il check his tracks. They were created this way. He didn't get it, how were his aromas? The little one's out of hiding. Pure attention was drawn to the places where the light passed. Not pig, not pig, not pig, especially his. I've never heard of these wounds and the scents I've never seen before. I've never seen anything so crowded before.

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