He could not avoid

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He couldn't escape his fear. The poet was right; Tu Rabbit freaked, didn't run away, afraid to run away. “We did it personally. Those who did not like to leave behind all the faces I loved and knew made it easier to drive in foreign places, to escape in a foreign life. People think it's an easy way to escape. But that was a big mistake. He knew that. It is never easy to forget the addresses of your loved ones, for example their addresses. He fought hard not to call his lover, his best friend, his brother and family. He did. I know what it's like to be missing, scared, and being. Memories and the past they tried to escape were not important, they didn't let them go. It is very easy to leave the city from birth and wish.

After finishing his cigarette, he stepped heavily and opened his small radio. He was starting to think something was on the radio. When you touched her, she used to sing her painful songs and songs. Maybe he was very sensitive. Radio '' mercilessly affects my life '' was burning my song. So it wouldn't light another cigarette. After burning, he lay on an old, torn, dirty bed. His miserable life was sad. But he knew someone else's design. The day she was born from her lover, she loved her mind.

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