Dreams were important

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He parked his car somewhere secluded in the trees beside the road. He got out of the car. I came back to open the trunk. She opened her purse and took her victim. He untied his feet. She was awake. The fear in his old eyes was being read. It was like a sheep in the forest on the edge of the victim. He knew why he was dead. But why didn't you kill the killer? He chose not to know himself. His work has adopted a 'principle' not to confuse 'emotions'.

He dropped the victim on his knees. She looked down to hide her sad crying. He waited for his last prayer. One of the infidels is the prayer of his son. The best fucking readers come to life; I'm not praying for the gall, the trembling lips, the killer, whispers from the victim. But now he had to pull the trigger. He pulled; And the last one took his heart. At the end of a barrel, another life was lost.

Strange people continued to sleep.

The killer got in the car. He saw a roadside drunk to continue his journey. He watched the wine in the wine, stood firmly in his head and then ventilated him, vented the bite of the bite and swung a lot of curses into the street. The man was dying. Who was his killer? Who killed this man who died quietly; in the future? The killer of heroic suicide victims? Am I the guy? He thought. They were the moments of conscience he saw as murder suspect. But he couldn't hear what he was killing himself. And why shouldn't he think of death as a result of his crime? She does not know. He didn't know.

It was a night. Consumers who died from the reasons of life, while living the cause of life, the cause of life was filled with consumed.

Fits for hours. Dreams were important. Tell your friends the morning of the murder.

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