Shimul is the color of the mind of everyone

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'She is a fairy story country, Phagun is not precisely what is Kabu End' - the track of the song has become alive. If there is a brand new song in the forest, the woods of Phagun, Shimul, which is your head of everybody's mind. This is one way nature has singed Phagun's song in Shimulbagan of Tahirpur in Sunamganj.

Pictures of visitors who are recorded Facebook, stocks and shares a group of Shimulbagan photographs of Tahirpur. Keeping in mind the pictures of 2011, At the end of December of that season, we went to some of the neighboring Shihulbagh areas. Then the trees and shrubs were small and the flowers did not come. Still like the inexperienced forest. Shimulbagan's view has changed over the years. All the trees of the same age bloom together. The beauty of the garden commenced to float in the sight of the imagination

Decision to go there on February 22. Sylhet's good friend Arafat and Sujon travelled to Shimulbagan to listen to the tension and frequented. Sunamganj reached the coach. Arafat and Sujon joined up with there. At Taherpur, I acquired four autorickshaws. A few years ago there was no hotel to be at Tahirpur. Fisherman Fisheries Expert Tanvir, wife of his wife Irina, kept all the arrangements. He said, the hotel is a huge new hotel in Tangua Hotel. No more rentals. The bedroom of the two bed frames is merely 600 rupees. I actually sought out of the hotel and left the camera and left the camera. They must go there by motorcycle. A broken street on the way, I obtained into the gutter in your garden with particles.

Local students Ajman and Amiya joined us. That they said, this year the most flowers flourish with each other. They were informed about the updates of this garden on Facebook.

Viewing the flowers on the feet in your garden, the tiredness of the journey, the dread penalized dusted away. Happiness commenced to jump! Every composed of is filled with puffiness of flowers. Gorgeous red silk flowers, as well as light orange blossoms can be seen. You will discover crowds around the garden. People started coming from different parts of the region to see flowers for a couple of days. The huge this individual stood on one end of the Shimulbagan and could not be observed on the other side. That is difficult to idea its beauty if it is not planned to set up the garden in that rows. Bully, hard woody, yellow birds coming to eat honey in Dal The bird's chicks have spread out in all of garden. Flowers are falling on the earth, the word is in the thump. It is a truly fairytale express.

At this time vacationers came running from different parts of the country in this garden. The average of Laura, Tahirpur, Sunamganj, 17 February. Picture: Mochaber Hossain
This garden is known as Shanulbagan of Joynal Abedin. This individual died. His elder kid former chairman. Rakhab Uddin said 16 years in the past. 'My father, Badaghat (North) Union Parishad's former chief, Zainal Abedin, has picked about 2, 400 hundred or so of his own land for taking the Shimul Gacha. He planted about 3 thousand Shimulagas on the land. Shimulbagas growing day by day are now Shimulbagan. Basically, on his head, he'd create an interesting tourist center, which would be the country's most well-known location to visit.

We moved from Shimulbagan to another tourist place Bariktila. It is seen from the top of this hill that the large rocky hills of Meghalaya in India. Listed below the border of Bangladesh is a wonderful wonder-making river. Transparent rocky lake on one side of the river, magnificent drinking water and deep water on the deep water Found in a river, two-color drinking water. People are raising pebbles and coal from the river through small motorboats. She's a huge job. Tourists take pictures. Turning around - Returning to this side Residents do not have any aggravation!

Shimla bangla Shimul bloom is shining in the sun. The average of Laura, Tahirpur, Sunamganj, 18 February.
At night, the mind of everybody is a lttle bit bad at the hotel. Due to the hubbub of motorcycle individuals, we would not load our garden! Another early morning I returned to Tanguar haor and returned to the hotel at midday. The immediate decision is that, going to Shimulbagan again. A one-hour streets from the hotel. Dust particles and breakaway way. Even now Shimulbagan is pulling all of us. Consider that job. At this point the motorcycles