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The trail that went away from the highway was very a long way away, that was once reached at Kuthibari in Rabindranath's Kuthibari. Shilaidaha is still nursing her upper body Rabindranath Here is the unique time of life that Rabindranath spent the whole time. Calcutta, who came out of the life of Calcutta, acquired the touch of the huge earth, the name of one of it is parts is Shilaidah. That is what Rabindranath, who is facing this building, is going on in entry of the building.

This kind of Shilaidah or Shahjadpur do the poet recognize him or her self as a new poet person in Patisar. Seeing his memorial house, I noticed the poem and the poet

When he emerged to Shilaidah in 1891, he heard the call on the planet. He writes, 'After quite a while, I met again with this big soil. He also said, "this-that". I also said,

"This is that" Kabir's mechanised life came from this ecstatic charity and it was a poet's sense. Well, now that it was so much of folks here, what was the time of Rabindranath? The sand of the mud is still scorched by the river, yet it is rarely seen in small forests. Rabindranath viewed girls bathing on both sides of the water, they saw the ladies walking towards the house by dragging a dish of wet cloth in the wet cloth and moving the right hands of water, now it does not look very much like that. This is remembered that the story of the composition of 'Childhood' is, 'From the river, the Juggernaut goes through the galaxy'. Is it written at the sevyloyr fish finder 360 named Padma close to Shilaidah? The answer will not match. Rather than the eyes of that eyesight, not to say. The right hand strapping the right hand of the woman carrying a glass pitcher on her left side, after she had recently been studying, was flowing on her eyes.

It is made from the use of the vajra employed by the poet

The settlement is now heavy in the neighborhood of Shilaidaha zamindarbari. While the poet was here, so many homes did not grow. He had come to Shilaidah from Calcutta, he thought, 'There are fewer people here, more than world. ' This individual had thought that all 'all things are seen around, which are today to be repaired and not to sell the next day tomorrow, which is standing firmly in the activities of the birth of the people. Have been traveling equally every day, and is going continually permanently. '

That is not possible to know this summer day and night, but in January 1892, why did Rabindranath see the blend of winter and spring in nature in Shilaidaha? Your woman was full moon evening. Rabindranath writes, 'Right on my left window, a great moon is position up and looking inside my face; I i am feeling that I i am condemning him in the letter. He might feel that the people of the world do more to do with his scandal than his light. '

This is very normal in Calcutta, it is quite unusual in Shilaidaha. In the reading, the poet enjoyed the delight of Bimala. But this individual was surprised to study 'Elements of Politics' and 'Problems of the Future' at Shilaidaha. Reading books, nonetheless they do not remember. Regrettably, 'I can find almost useful compositions here, aside from a short poem of Vaisnava poets'. When this individual wrote this letter in April 1892, in entrance of his eyes, 'Those who are taking drinking water, bathing, boating, grazing cows, visiting the streets, they are not living enough. ' It sounds slightly stunning. But looking at another words, it is comprehended that this nature of Shilaidah has given him an important gift: 'People from other places gather, when they come forward, they interfere with thought, drive their existence into sneaky, they are each one positive person. They are working in front of them, nonetheless they are not driving the mind. Curiosity is browsing front of you, nevertheless the simple curiosity is not coming on the garb.

Shilaidah is still a booze boy These kinds of a storm reminds me personally that one day, Rabindranath had also joined Yamraj in the Padma of Shilaidah. The river appeared to him as if he previously a butt like a turtle, like a fresh wild equine. On that day, on 21 July 1892, the center class said that the Padma was obtained in 2012. "Rabindranath accepted it, saying,. The sharpened currents are just like a shining sword, and the legs are shut down like steel. 'Then this individual describes the storm, ' The black straw that was made yesterday is serious. Tomorrow, with a slight downfall, it has come to ha That is not easy to think of death like we do not "take good-tear".

In house Furniture

For anyone who is with Shilaidaha, if you have a copy of the notification of the letter, then you will also feel that Rabindranath was there at some point, read the words of his feelings, sitting there where one day Rabindranath's occurrence was present every day.

From 1891 to early 1900s, Rabindranath permanently resided in East Bengal. At the time he wrote in the duhate. Many poetry of innumerable short tales, golden tricks, chitra poetry are also written here. The Zamindarbari furniture of Shilaidah still brings backside the Rabindra memorial.