Lumon & Aujus

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More than a week has passed. In the meantime, Azhir was not seen with Lumun. Awazi goes to university with hope every day; The day is hopelessly come back. Lumiun's mobile number is available to Ajijee. She even thought of talking on mobile a few times. But from where so much shrunk has come! If there were any other girls, would not have thought. Love is intense; Why is there a shrinkage? Really amazing!
Today is the last day of the week. Friday-Saturday holidays. For the next week, you have to wait two or two more days. Who knows, this waiting-line will be more prolonged! Because the body of the body is not good. There is still a fever. Moreover, the body is very weak. Eating saline; But when you stand watching the darkness in the eyes! In fact, she is unstable in tension with the girl. Due to lack of a few days due to lack of depression. That is why fever-weakness is feared.
Back home, she fell asleep in the bed. Keep the mobile set next to the pillow. Suddenly the set said, 'Excuse me boss, you have a text message.' If this message was Lumuner! Remembering God in the memory of the Creator took the set of hands. The sickness disappeared! One jump up and jump. Lumun sent the message. In the message, 'Do not cry, brother?'
Oh, sitting with my heart! He boldly called Lumun and he sat down. But Lumun cut the call. Needless to say, there was a problem to talk at this moment that comforted herself thinking that! However, Ogie sent a message, 'sorry, for calling and disturbing.'
After a few surprises, Awami surprised the phone! Unable to sit in bed and bed. The excitement was dropped from the couch. He said, 'Hello, as much as possible in the voice.'
From the other side, Lumun said, 'hello, ojhi brother?'
Awkhey heard the voice of Lumunera the air of the air started! But in response to the call of 'brother' in Lumun, the humor's humor became somewhat warm. What is the lack of people to call 'brother' in the world? Why do you call him 'brother'? Just say 'hello' what would be the problem?