Nikola Tesla - if hate was electricity, we would have lighted the whole world

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Nikola Tesla is a Serbian-American inventor, physicist and electromechanical engineer, best known for his achievements in the field of ac power and power. Born in Smilyan, Austro-Hungary (present-day Croatia), Tesla is an ethnic Serb who later adopts American citizenship. He is often described as the most significant scholar and inventor of the modern age, the man who "spreads light on the face of the earth." It is known with many and different revolutionary contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tesla's patents and theoretical works become the basis of modern electrical systems, including multi-phase power distribution systems and AC electric motors. He works in Hungary, Germany, France and the United States. It draws the attention of the public to the improvement of the dynamo and, above all, to the patented principles of AC power widely used today. Tesla's name is used for the unit of magnetic induction. For his discoveries and patents, Nikola Tesla receives considerable sums of money, but uses a large portion of them for experiments. In recent years, he lives in a hotel room number 3327 at the New York Hotel in New York, almost forgotten. He died impotent, in debt. After his death, both his personality and his achievements sink into oblivion. It is supposed that his notes were seized by the US government, because Tesla has no direct heirs. In the nineties of the 20th century interest in him as a person and his scientific achievements resumed and at the beginning of the 21st century increased significantly.

Nicholas is the fourth of five children in the family. His elder brother Dane was killed in an accident during a ride when Nicholas was five years old. His three sisters are Milka, Angelina and Maritza. In 1861 Nikola Tesla studied at the local school religion, German and arithmetic. In 1862 the family moved to the nearby town of Gospic, where his father worked as a pastor. In 1870 he began studying in Karlovac, graduating four classes in three years and graduating in 1873. In 1873, after graduating from high school, Tesla returned to his native town of Smilyan. Shortly after arriving, he suffers from cholera, has been on the bed for nine months and is near death several times. Nicholas' father, in a moment of despair, promises to send him to the best engineering school [19] [20] if he recovers from his illness (his father initially wants him to surrender to the priesthood).

In 1874, he managed to avoid a call for a three-year service in the army by fleeing in the woods near Gračac where his relatives are hiding because he is still too weak after the disease. There he explores the mountains dressed as a hunter. He says that this contact with nature makes him stronger, both physically and mentally. Tesla reads many books at the time, and later claims that Mark Twain's work has helped him miraculously recover from the disease. In 1875, Nikola Tesla joined the Technical University in Graz to study electrical engineering. During his first year there, he never missed a lecture, receiving the highest marks, and passed nine exams (almost twice as much as necessary), founded a Serbian cultural club and even received a praise letter from the Dean of the Technical Faculty. He works even at night, not respecting either Sunday or holidays. Some of his professors are concerned that he is overwhelmed. By the end of his second year of study, he lost his scholarship and became addicted to gambling. He later regained his initial losses and returned his debts to the family. In his words, after this incident he managed to subdue his passion forever. When the time comes for the exam, Tesla is unprepared and asks for an extension but is denied. He never graduated from the university and received no marks for the last semester. According to the University, he stops attending the lectures after the first semester of his third year there. However, some sources claim to receive a bachelor's degree.

In December 1878, Nicolas Tesla left Graz and discontinued his family, and his friends even thought he had drowned in Mura. He does not want his parents to know he has left school. He worked as an assistant engineer in Maribor for over a year, experiencing a nervous breakdown during this period. He spends his free time playing cards with locals on the streets. He was later persuaded by his father to enroll at Charles University in Prague, who attended the summer semester in 1880 and where he met the works of Ernst Mach. Immediately after his father's death, he left again, ending only one semester. On March 24, 1879, Nikola Tesla was returned to Gospic under police custody on the grounds that she did not have a residence permit. On April 17, 1879, Milutin Tesla died at the age of 60 after infecting an unspecified disease. This year, Nicholas teaches a large class of students in her old school. During this period of his life, Tesla reads a lot and seems to remember whole books by heart. He suffers many times and suffers from hallucinations related to his past or to the inventions he works on.

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