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Happy New Year Snr. @xpilar

Here are little I can say about your digital art.

In a city of spirit, everyone living in a fear and scared of death even when death is not close at all. There was a young man who came around but he always wondering why everyone was always in panic most especially during evening time around 8pm.

He decided to found out what exactly is wrong in this city, there was a old man living close to his flat, he went to meet this old man early in the morning, he asked him what was the problem about this city of spirit which make people's scared around 8pm, the old man silence for a short time, he opened up by sharing some of unpleasant situation experience by the people's in this city since that time everyone has been panic to avoid being attack by unknown spirit.

Few days later, the young man get up from his bed around 10pm he decided to findout more about what the old man told him. As he stepped out of his flat, he heard some strange voice but he didn't get panicking at all, he continues walking towards the river that old man warned him never to get closer to this river at night time. The young boy move closer towards the bridge side, he hold tight on the rod attach to the bridge, suddenly a heavy rain started dropping seriously, this boy got scared but he couldn't moved, something big came out from the river looking like dragon he shouted help but none to rescue him.

Water overflow him before he knows he noticed his hands was off the rod, he tried swimming up but later got tired, his neighbor was looking for him in the morning, none have ideas where he could go, when the old man heard of this, he went straight to river of spirit he looked around all the places but couldn't find him, everyone assume has died but luckily for him third day this young boy came out lively unhurt. When everyone set their eyes on this young boy they ran away screaming it's a spirit not him only this old man bold enough to wait.

This young boy opened up what he did and how it end up spent three days underneath with this spirit in the river. It was this young man who put an end to no coming out at night because of strange river spirit.

Image source: @xpilar digital art designs. You should visit his blog to see amazing digital art/designs

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Logos was designed by @xpilar

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