Clarification on my recent post

in story •  last year

So many steemians were commenting on my posts that my post were copied. Yes they were. I was sharing them here with full permission from the person who started Humans Of Karachi. I am part of that team and our team collectively work on writing down those stories which are shared on our facebook page and here.

Furthermore we started this photoblog inspired by Brandon Stanton. I shared one of his stories to clearly mentioning that it is from his page. We also follow his style of writing which makes the reader think that the person in the picture is narrating their own story. The stories are 100% true but we write them down in English as the narrator are usually Urdu speaking.

Hope this clarification is enough to satisfy my readers who had any doubt. I hope you guys will keep supporting me.

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Ok. Is there any way we can verify this?