Eating french fries in a full option GLC. And yes, with mayonnaise

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Background Story

The daughter of a project developper conglomerate wanted to get wasted. I heard about it, suited up like the pleb I am, and went to work. When I arrived, I was amazed by the sheer size of this home. To top off the house, there was a garden with multiple fucking 10 meter-piramde-shaped-bushes. Some argue that it is the next Valley of the Kings. Even Ramses II would have stared in disbelief to this masterpiece. Anyways, they invited me inside to chill for a while, while my client was getting dressed up


At first, akward silence when we started the drive, then I started a conversation to break the ice, she responded with a 5 minute story. I regretted that question because I unwillingly opened the floodgates to her ex-boyfriends-stories.

Huge houseRamses II would be proud

After I dropped her off, I went to explore the city of Bruges and bought some french fries. And boy, it became a mess with all that fucking mayonnaise. I could write a whole blog about it, but you kind sir, will be spared today.

french friesI've done this many times, dw


Today I present to you, a very normal down to earth car. Yes I do not always drive 150k + cars, but that does not mean that this car isn't a hidden gem. This new Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 e 4matic is a 85k full option SUV. It has 315 HP and a small V4 engine, combined with an electric engine. It rolls from 0-100km/h in 6.1 seconds and is an all wheel drive car (= "4matic").


I was really surprised how well rounded a not insanly high priced SUV, can be. The interior is pretty fancy, with all the buttons you need on the door sides and some more on the freaking carbon fibre center console. The exterior will also turn some heads with the open roof and the blacked out version (=night pack"). The speed is very decent for a SUV and I could not complain about the comfort either. So this car gets a 8.5/10 for the price/car ratio. In other words, you get a lot for car for your hard earned pennies.

InteriorLots of juicy tech and buttons


Every car has something that stands out, wich I call the X-Factor. The X Factor of this baby is ofcourse the "night pack" aka the blacked out version. It suits the current car collor very well and adds that little X-factor to the car, that I can not put into words. See for yourself in the pics lads.

Interiorstaring at my blog

Think this retarted blog writer, is actually not retarted at all? Leave a vote maybe? Idk x

See ya'll again when steem is at 10USD

Let's hope I don't get fired for sharing waaay too much this time

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  ·  last year (edited)

Really nice car, it seems that it was built with some great features I will take a closer look at this model any time at the dealer

I don't bash or say anything negative about rich people because I know before they achieved their dream they have been through into hard times in life. Success never comes very easy, lots of disapointment and hardship are on your way. Knowing what they know about wealth is the best thing we can do.

Its so sad how normal its become to hate the rich.

Well done ..
Good for you, thanks for sharing your experience with us
Great post‏..

Quality Content

  ·  last year (edited)

I hope it is not sarcastically?

Alright alright alright!!!

Lol...what a life? Some people have everything while others barely have enough to eat. That's why I tell my kids early in life that life is never fair. So, they never dare to use this phrase "Its so unfair".

Good advice, but those people usually wake up at 5am and end their day at 8-9pm, it’s not as easy as one might think ;)

can I ask ... did you pay cash for it or are you in debt now?

I love cars, but I hate being beholding to somebody else; I never go into debt, especially not for something that depreciate so fast as a car

thats why you're still poor. Learn how to leverage debt rather than avoiding it

you have no idea who I am and what I do

i can tell by your responses that you're nobody important. have a nice day though

  ·  last year (edited)

Stop spreading that bullshit, most people cannot handle debt and it only gets them into trouble. Not everyone can just magically learn to be fiscally responsible over night. They can ruin their lives with debt pretty quick though. Not to mention that most people who are actively seeking out people to lend money to are predatory as hell.

  ·  last year (edited)

I never said go take out a fat loan and buy a ton of crypto with it today, I said "learn" how to leverage it bro.

If you even read the first line of this blog you would have your answer

I still can't see it ...

anyway, you could have answered; the car is to impress clients and it's paying off ...

  ·  last year (edited)

its not his car dumbass. It is the clients car. Just like he said, you should try reading the post

thank you for answering ;)

Then probably it's easy for me, anyway the main term is work in the right way. Success is a vulnerable thing, you never can say which way it will come. you are lucky enough to have a life like this. Congratulations.

so accurate

Very well stated :)

What I found to be most interesting, successful people always talk about what they have achieved and what they have bought with their money. So they define them self only over things they have gathered (useless stuff for the society as a whole). I really wait for the moment until the rich people realize, that life is more than just collecting gadgets. They only feel good, because other poor people can't afford the same stuff that they have, and so the good feelings emerge only because somebody else feels poor. What a waste of human intelligence!

Some wealthy people don't think like that, but in general you are sadly right.

Nice post... Thanks for the share.

Maybe she wanted you to be her new boyfriend. lol Did you tell her about Steemit?

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  ·  last year (edited)

I always spread the word about steemit to my multi million dollar clients, they always tell me it’s a smart investement, and some of them buy in ;) And maybe, we’ll never know :p (I mean, can’t disclose that info :p)

How many times have you chauffered someone to murder a kid.. I know I've driven some people to their likely deaths in my uber.

Djeez nope, im not that kind of driver :p My clientel is more of a high standard I guess

Maybe there should be a Steemit Lover's Corner.

haha sure

  ·  last year (edited)

hahah, lets call it ‘Dlove’

I bet @yabapmatt could program something. lol
FYI there is a .02 payout threshold so you might want to let people know and sign up as well. If I were you I'd also undelegate some so you aren't wasting voting power making votes that don't count.

Entertaining! Upvoted!!

Sick life, rub some in the seats :P

savage :p

I really like the basic option GLC 350. MSRP is around 40k. Do you know how much I can get it on a 36 month lease with like $1k down?

  ·  last year (edited)

In my country, you have to pay 15% of the car in advance, if that is not the case in your country, you can get this one for around 1.35K/month including insurance and taxes :)

hi danny, thanks for your contribution. i so much love this post about the mercedes g series( i love cars),its very timely. i just upvoted and follwed you, i believe we can do each other back to back favours. thank in advance.

Where's ketchup? :P What are fries without ketchup?

My bad :p

Life is beautiful, When I was kid. When you grown up, you will experience a different world.

Well everything was in order except... steem 10$ ?
Maybe we talk a little bit more about Steem? 😉

Jeez, you earned today like 1\15 of that car.

I didn’t, I lost 20SBD atm, it’s all my own money that I payed to promote this post ;)

oh jeez, it's not like what I thought at first.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Every car has something that stands out, wich I call the X-Factor.
It should be which instead of wich.

Nice car
Merc G series is great
One could live in the car

@danny1995 well and marvellous I like advantages car in your country

Looks like the perfect sedan

SUV* ;)

Ahh ok

Yes, Ramses II would be proud :)

Nice. I like the review

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Rich people are rich because they have gone through the hard part. They have failed more than we ever tried. They dedicated their lives to work. This is the price that have paid which average people can’t.

Most of them, yes ;)

Thank god theres somebody here who understands this

Spread the word about Steemit... Get her in the new car you probably bought with the work from your blog! :D

Nice car
Merc G series is great
One could live in the car

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

I will join you

Nice one mate! pretty awesome job if you love cars, oh and well done for being honest and not claiming its yours like some of the other fakers out there!

Thx man, and thats pretty sad if people actually do that stuff

Fine ride like Mercedes
Bless up

Oh my gosh cool story, and the car looks take away but no money tho.

That is still darn quick for an SUV :)

Perfect machine, just amazing.

i enjoy french fries but i dislike the taste mayonnaise.....

Can we still be friends tho?

That is still darn quick for an SUV :)

True man, im getting num to speeds above 5s :p

Haha it's addictive mate. I will have to try and get my Leyland Marina sub 5s :)

Thats insane for that car, btw there is a new client that has the ‘S900 brabus rocket’ has 880HP and costs 520k lel, going to drive it soon

I also love french fries but while watching T.V

Haha Dude this is dope af!!!!!! Your blog is pretty awesome UPPED AND FOLLOWED keep being you brother !

The GLC is a great car! We've had the chance to take a GLC450 AMG camping and it was so convenient. There was so much room and the all-glass sun-roof was amazing. For us, the x-factor really came to life in the all white interior!

Amg’s are life man! Your a lucky man to have expierenced such a car ;)

The only thing I disagree with is the mayo, Gravy is best!

When driving, just eating potatoes is enjoyable. Everyone should do the job wink :D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:d

a mercedes, food and the laptop. in a few words happiness

haha true my friend :p

Oh you live veey dangerously my friend, I would never eat fries with mayo in a brand new car of this callibar.

Caution must always be taken, definitely no friends allowed to eat in it!

Born to be wild.

Im not very smart, I know

I'm not going to judge or criticize, who has money is because sometimes and in their vast majority have worked hard to achieve that goal, do not envy anyone what you have because we do not have it, we have what we earn, but we fight and work to achieve our goals we must let the rest if it goes and reach those goals, who studies and strives to get great results, but who expects everything is given only live cr
iticizing and envying each person who has more money that they. regards

Wise words right there ;)

Thank you!! And this is how everyone has what they deserve who works hard will have their deserved reward, who is waiting for money to fall from the sky and grows in a tree will only have to criticize that the other has more than and envy what the other has , simple logic. regards

Nice ride...the reason why we need to work hard and play soft.
Life is like a car, the beauty appear the way we design it

very nice cars

black color is very nice

Nice cars and scenery^^

its the reality of life, some of the people have not only everything but also more than they want , on the other hand some people want to have some food or some basic needs but the are unable to manage,

so , there have nothing to take more depth as life is not specious.


Damn, she flooded you with ex stories. Just smash the gas pedal and drown her voice out.

Will take that into consuderation, thx :p

Holy cow, this was a great story and deserves a follow if the rest of the series. If you don't give names then it isn't breaking client privilege. I'm sure you have stories where the client gets so wasted they strip in your car or do something crazier. Don't forget to put NSFW when you post their nudes!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha bro, lots of crazy stuff happend last year, but I can not do that to them :p

This car is nice! Have you ever had the chance to drive a tesla?

Yep, episode comming out soon ;)

A very normal down to earth car... price 85k lol looks really cool though, not everyone can eat fries in a very high priced cars, loved the pyramid shaped bushes though really cool. Really cool blog.

thanks bro, appreciate your nice comment ;)

Nice car, but i still prefer Tesla cars

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I was surprised that mayonaise with fries is actually pretty good. I normally use ketchup and thought it would be gross, but I get it now. lol.

Holy cow, this was a great story and deserves a follow if the rest of the series. If you don't give names then it isn't breaking client privilege. I'm sure you have stories where the client gets so wasted they strip in your car or do something crazier. Don't forget to put NSFW when you post their nudes!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi danny1995. Your Post has been on votes by @votingpower 16%. Wait to 100% on Next day.

Reason for flag is disagreement on rewards.

  ·  last year (edited)

Imstill down 20SBD atm, appreciate your contribution

You got a 71.43% upvote from @botcoin courtesy of @infoslink!

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit! I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)
i am student of Software Engineering,
nice car and good story i want to know some infromation from you if you come on fb , or any other plateform privatly

Bro, spell check your work. Please! It hurt my skin. Nice post though, great job.

I’ll check it asap, sry x

great car..amazing

it's a nice car. and The interior is so beautiful. i like this car.

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

In Vietnam, this hard

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit!

I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)


Nice one.. Thanks for sharing this

nice car

Brother does not have the money to buy the car so I do not dream. What will happen to know about this?

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Excelente post, good work

good idea

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wow...amazing BMW


Class Rooms are Like a Train:
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Middle 3 are General Compartments.
Last 2 Are Sleeper Coaches.


Amazing. The best thing that can happen to you in life is that as a child you have a humble family and know the sacrifice of obtaining things. And then in adulthood navigate in your own earned money! LOL

Those cars mention are pretty nice just that it should testproof for better efficiency


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nice bitch


The car is really nice

excellent kind of life and admirable here in venezuela is almost impossible to give it for the situation that we are suffering .. humble people are surviving here the only way to have a comfortable life here is that you have links with the government .. but also congratulations for the joy

I feel sorry for you guys :( Let’s hope oil prices rise again so the goverment can sustain itself again

thank my brother we hope that from this crisis we leave since God does not give load that we can not support. Few Venezuelans are we who endure this fight without immigrating to another country

Ehh Benz is a symbol of thieves to me. Someone who stole ten grand from me bought one of those. But I did get a song out of it.

wow really nice car photography. i love blue car.

So Danny was born in 1995.


It’s easier said than done . That’s a life full of luxury that people dream of their whole life . Even to get something to eat

Waoo nice 👍🏻

Nice cars

Great car. We should all have boat cars. The bigger the better. Love potatoes.

Papa fritas siempre ha sido una delicia para mi... toda la vida!

También me llamo la atención si le habías comentado sobre steemit! Si evidentemente todo en la vida es un sacrificio.