Family Wahala Episode 05

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Hello peeps!
It's another beautiful day on Family Wahala
One early morning like that, my Dad left the house and my Mum went to discuss with her friend.
I went to play with my uncle but he was busy chatting with someone on the phone so I left him to continue his chatting.
After some time, this my uncle went out and was making a call which he was telling the person our house address.
I kept quiet and was observing what he planned to do today.
I now decided to ask him but he was too busy and never ready to tell anyone including me so I had no choice than to give him the space that he needs.
After an hour, someone came to our front door and knocked and he rushed and opened the door only for himself.
I managed to look through a small hole and I saw him touching a lady for some time and I didn't shout.
The next day he did the same thing.
After a week the visitor became a family friend and started sleeping in our house for some time and I didn't complain because she used to buy me Akara(beans cake), ice cream, bread, clothes, wrist bands, and many goodies.
So I continued to like this visitor untill one day when this my uncle told me that he is not going to be staying with us because of his regular visitor.
I cried and cried and cried but it didn't bother him much.
Today this my uncle now has a child from his regular visitor.
Happy married life uncle
I hope you enjoyed today's Family Wahala?
You can check my blog for previous episodes.
Episode 06 will come to you tomorrow on this very blog.
Have a great day


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