Steemit has paid me more that betting and lottery says @danielcares

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Wow, funny heading right? That's what might be running through our heads, but to be sincere it has. Watch out
When i newly got introduced to steemit i didn't want to join this platform, what came to my mind was ""What can this give me that betting and lottery cant"". This is what was going through my mind, then i ignored it not knowing people are making serious money just by investing Time and Patience. I kept on with my betting and lottery, day and night, investing the little i dont have but still nothing, that unless moment when you play 10 sure odds with N500 just to find out it was only one game that made it not to enter, and like vapour your N500 is gone. After having this moment almost everytime i decided to find another means of making money that doesn't involve spending, it's not my fault i hate spending.
So a day came i remembered what i friend introduced me to but i was ignorant "steemit".
Wow, creating the account was hell, setting up the account was worst than hell but we passed. After all the stress, i opened the site and glanced through, mhen what i saw was so encouraging if am not making a mistake to the first post i saw was having $786.5 😷😷 and i was like 🙉🙉🙊🙊🙆i was really moved.
This was how i joined and started steeming, 3months and counting has paid off, YES ✔️ it hasn't paid much i still see myself growing, but it's paid more than my days of betting and lottery, i can say after since that day, betting and lottery was a thing of the past.
Steemit has surprisingly paid more than lottery
It's not easy, but i give it to steemit
One ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ to steemit and steemians

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