A sad story that happened to me - Something broke in me ... (I hide my face. I do not want my friends to talk about me)

in story •  2 years ago 

"It happened two years ago, my friend and I were visiting, and there I met him, he came up and introduced himself, called Vova, we drank and danced a couple of slow tracks - it was great!" He was not like the others - quiet, calm, balanced, he suggested going to a quieter room, how I regretted it, everything happened suddenly - he leaned against me, said that nothing terrible would happen. I wanted to break free, screamed, but he hit me. ended, he said: "That's all I needed from you, pussy. Maybe we'll meet again? "

Then I walked along the dark streets and cried. Suddenly, behind the car braked, and some guy asked if everything is ok with me? I said that everything was fine, and went on. He caught up with me and offered me a lift. So I met with Alyosha. I asked to take me to the sea. We got out of the car and wandered along the beach for a long time. Then he took my hands and pulled me to him ... So many events, and all in one night! But in me something like something broke. After my rash act, it seems to me that all men are like Vova. At first, gentle and adorable, and then rude and cruel. I want to be with Alyosha, but I'm afraid of it.

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