Love Letter For Beloved Daughter #4.EMANSIPATION WRONG FALSE

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The Islamic enemies never have a rest to think of ways to religion of Islam and his people are getting worse from the age of times. They never waste hymen and stupidity that almost hit almost all Muslims, but slowly, they are sorry to have used very orientative ways to influence the process of sustainability of education and teaching among Muslim women. Surfined they are continuously blowing the heavenly emancipation of among the people, the women. Though behind them, they are led to the woman to the oppression and pulled the petitioner and tarnish it into a misleading destruction of the ruined abdomen. Did you know my daughter, that the emancipation actually begins with the demands of women in Europe will be the salary equity and working hours between women and men who are equally working on one company. The discourse who began santer along with the establishment of the woman's movement in the European's lady moves in the ending and extends and expanding in other areas that spontaneously intentionally exhale transformed by certain parties. Then further, the demands of the rights equation has shifted to the demands of the 'destruction' rights from the men. For example, in the beginning of women who demands the right to free to choose their partner's life, as applied to the men. But then the right shifts to freedom to submit himself to anyone who they want. So from it, always be careful with what only what you want to do, especially with problems this one. For Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala has also been remind in His word :
"And do not follow you whatever you have no knowledge. He is hearing, sight and heart, all will be asked for his account." (QS. Al-Isra:36)
Then it has become a very common sight
around you if at night, there are still many
women who roam alone or in groups, they are
are leaving or returning from work. Then the guys female workers and workers who are accustomed to working male work in every corner of the factory. Really, obviously not
so how to interpret the actual position of women in an honorable position.
Do you remember the story of Khadijah radhiyallahu Ha anha and the story of Ayesha radhiyallahu ‘anha? Both including women who actually deserve to bear title as "successful woman". Even with its fragrance, even today every age still feels timeless charm and fragrant aroma of a true quality Muslim woman. Then, do you still want to look for an example? Another example that is clearly located far away
under the two noble women? Really, Khadijah
radhiyallahu ‘anha, the First Lady was a woman
the most successful career and wife that could have been role model for anyone. Personality, strength, generosity, and its success in business
trade has been proven. Also accompanied by his success in accompanying the husband who becomes a person community leader. An incomparable achievement by women
other times. Or do you not want to be like Ayesha radhiyallahu ‘anha who was successful became an educator at once the example of the people at the time and after the husband beloved leave it? The Humaira is always deft
in helping the husband's duty, be alert and agile inside support "programs" of husbands who are at the same time the prophet and 'president' without ever leaving true function a wife? Both are true career women.
oh my daughter! Both include heroes and enforcers true honor for his people. Both of them are always able to place the position of women at the level highest without ever reducing the slightest degree and degree
his honor. Then listen, my daughter! Never once
you are tempted by the ever-intense emancipation delivered by people around you. Because indeed, the main purpose of the jargon is not for save or free you from "rope snares
oppression "but rather to destroy yourself
and your religion from within.IMG20180902183334.jpg

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