A life of misery

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hi friends of steemit, in this opportunity I want to talk about a little story


This is the story of a friend, which we will call jose.
jose is a boy who has suffered a lot and has spent his job since he was very young. Jose was mistreated by his parents and as he grew older the abuse was more constant and Jose became a rebellious boy because of the lack of love and understanding.

He tells me that he has thought about suicide, but he has not tried it and I am shocked by what he tells me, I let it go and then I proceed to give him some advice.

Currently Jose is a little better, he told me that the advice I gave him, he has been helping me and he thanked me for being the only one who heard him, and I told him after I was thankful for helping him that I did not have to like anything. and that the only thing he should like is God for allowing him not to commit insanity.

Today I realize that my problems are small in front of the problems of others and that above is a God who is willing to help us.


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