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My LEGO Creation Story Showcase: "Imperial Comm Station" part 18

in story •  10 months ago

The battle has been won but at a great cost. Many of the best Imperial stormtroopers perished in the attack. Due to the feats of some very lucky individuals the station was defended and the rebels have been executed for their treasonous deeds.
Now 24-7 stormtrooper patrols are eradicating the last of the rebels hiding in the rainforests surrounding the base.

The station has suffered immense damage including the destruction of the insanely expensive, even for imperial standards, radar dish which could send signals all across the galaxy.
Two stormtroopers are dealing with an insane task. Lifting the very heavy cracked dish back to the top of the tower.

One of them is shouting which way to angle it as they can not risk any more damage in case the rebels make a follow up attack. They would need to have good communications with the fleet especially now that the Emperor is in danger.

The other stormtrooper is pulling it up with special low gravity chains.
Lord Vader himself makes another appearance this time he is cleaning up the rubble using his force powers. Incredibly silent as always. He is now lifting a broken pillar piece in an attempt to put it back in place so it wouldn't have to be replaced.

Part 17:

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