The Crowbarkids and the Tale of the Crystal Kingdom

in story •  3 months ago

During our summer trip to California, we spent one afternoon making up this story with our friends. We had a lot of fun choosing our characters, costumes and props. All the kids wrote the story together, while @crowbarmama stitched our ideas together and helped us smooth them over into a short film. We had to cut some things out because everyone had so many great ideas, but everybody got to write their own lines. We hope you like our special effects!

"The fight scene beween the two princesses was my favorite scene. My friend and I spent a lot of time choreographing it while the other scenes were being recorded." - @Tonks

"It was really fun to play a villain. I love that I got to disappear." - Wildstyle

"I was a ninja-knight with cool ninja stars!" - Snowgo

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Thanks! Fixed!

A well produced production!
I recently tricked my kids into doing stuff for the steem blockchain as well.


Cool! Do your kids have a Steemit account? How did you trick them?


My oldest has an account. He's 13 but seems to have lost any interest in posting. It is crazy because his intro post made over $50.

The tricking isn't deceitful. I needed some sound bytes for a steem contest. And we made a game of it. Recording different sounds...with his help. Usually he would just rather watch you tube. :)

This is definitely worth an Oscar Nomination 😊

What an imaginative story and we'll acted too. I loved the costumes and the tale. I think one of the highlights was the slick ninja chasing that's dragon around. 😂 -Aimee