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What do you think God means by this?

"For behold, I create new heavens
  and a new earth,
and the former things shall not be remembered
  or come into mind."
- Isaiah 65:17

Should we take this scripture literally?

Though mind-numbingly sweeping in its scope, I do believe the first half of that verse, is quite literal. Of course, it does compress an impossible-to-imagine feat of creation into but a few words.

However, I'm asking a rhetorical question about the last half. After all is said and done, are we to then become amnesiacs?

Other, similar scriptures, seem to say the same thing.

Could This Have Been Taken Too Literally?

Could This Have Been Taken Too Literally?
Photo courtesy of Ben White and

I suspect that some Christians may have taken this scripture a bit too literally.

Consider a comparison Jesus once made.

He was trying to comfort his followers about his imminent departure. He called to mind a very common human experience, childbirth.

"When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world." - John 16:21

Some of my readers may be mothers. Is it literally true that you don't remember the pain of childbirth? No, of course not.

I think Jesus is saying this: The joy of holding that precious baby in your arms far outweighs the pain of the past few hours. The memory of that pain is no longer a memory you dwell on.

Jesus has used ordinary language to bring out the radical contrast between a time of pain and a subsequent time of joy.

The Joy That Follows Birth

The Joy That Follows Birth
Photo courtesy of Sanjasy and

Isn't this the way we all use language?

Today, I would like to attempt a similar comparison and contrast. I would like you to understand why I believe we will remember our present lives and stories throughout eternity.

Have you ever been on a backpacking trip?

Contemplate with me the following scenario...

Soaked by a Sudden Downpour

Soaked by a Sudden Downpour
Photo courtesy of Hans Braxmeier and

Imagine a cozy living room.

You're sitting in a comfortable, overstuffed recliner, enjoying the crackling fireplace nearby. You are warm and dry, snuggled in a soft robe. A steeming mug of your favorite hot beverage rests on the table beside you. You are reading a book that has turned out to be far better than expected. Taking a sip of your delicious drink, you look up.

There on the wall before you hangs a large, framed photo of a past adventure. In the photo, you, along with a few good friends, were "enjoying" a backpacking trip. After hiking most of the day to reach your campsite, a thunderstorm had come upon you suddenly. The torrential rain had soaked you to the skin. You recall that in the moment, you were bone-weary, footsore, cold and wet, hungry, and desperately wishing you had never agreed to this crazy adventure.

But, even as these memories come to mind,

you are presently seated in the lap of luxury, rested, well fed, warm, utterly comfortable, and at peace. While you can recall your extremely uncomfortable camping trip in more than adequate detail, the pain of it no longer weighs on your mind, and you smile. It was a worthwhile experience, after all.

An Amazing Future Awaits Us

An Amazing Future Awaits Us
Photo courtesy of Thomas Budach and

Consider this...

Were we to forget our lives in this evil age, were we to totally blank out on the pain that we've been through, how could we then be properly grateful for what the LORD Jesus has done for us? How would we know what we've been rescued from?

I believe we will (in a literal sense) remember what has happened here. However, it will no longer be a painful memory, but one that will result in rejoicing and giving thanks to God. We will, forever more to come, be able to tell one another the thrilling stories of how Jesus helped us though this valley of tears.

I look forward to that amazing future, by God's kindness.

Won't you join me?


Thanks for your time and attention.
I wouldn't be here on Steemit if it weren't for you, my readers!
I have very eclectic interests and hope, over time, to write about all of them.

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Really, really spot on and well done!

This whole version of Creation was implemented to prove a Point for all time to all the host of Heaven, so I'm sure God doesn't want us to forget that. Jesus will bear the scars of the cross for all eternity, lest we forget.

Further evidence that we won't be allowed to forget:

Isaiah 66:24
And it shall be from new moon to new moon And from sabbath to sabbath, All mankind will come to bow down before Me," says the LORD. "Then they will go forth and look on the corpses of the men who have transgressed against Me. For their worm will not die and their fire will not be quenched; and they will be an abhorrence to all mankind."

Not a pretty picture, but a reminder for all eternity of the consequences of rebellion.


Hi, Stan,

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm smiling, both at your support for my article, and at your reminder of our earlier, lengthy discussion.

One of these days, when I can find that elusive "round tuit" again, I hope to write an actual article or series on the nature of eternal punishment... I'll just leave it at a very simple repartee here:

What is it they will look at? Oh, yeah... corpses of men... ;)

Blessings upon you, my friend! :)


Unfeeling corpses do not worry about unquenchable fire and undying worms.

But those who love the Lord will not think of these things for the reasons you suggest in your wonderful article.


Don't worry - they're not worrying. As corpses, they're dead... being devoured by worms and consumed by fire... ;)

I think we all need took enjoy each day we have as you never now what's around the corner, as for women forgetting the pain pfffttt I still remeber it 25 years ago arghhhh lol


Never having been a woman myself, I can only go by what I've heard... Which is that giving birth is worse than having dental work done. If that's true (and I have no reason to doubt it) then I'm thankful to be a man... and my deepest respect goes out to all of you mothers!


Believe me think of your worst pain then times it by 5 its a pain you never forget but what you gain is so worth it

the former things shall not be remembered...this is the hardest thing, letting go of pain and hurts.
As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could do the same?


By His grace in this life, we can... And what pain we cling to, we shall let go of at the final transformation. :)

Thought provoking post, nice job


Thank you, friend. :)

amazing post! =D


Thanks for reading and commenting...

That's an awesome post! I agree that we have to remember our hardships so that we appreciate how the Lord has saved us and improved our circumstances.


Thanks, friend @countryinspired.

I appreciate your encouraging comment.

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Thanks again for noticing... ;) :)