Our First Date - Meeting Charlie Shrem and Starting Our Adventure (Part 1)

in story •  last year

One cold January evening, I was pounding the pavement looking for a gig, before the acting picked up, I always cocktail waitressed and bartended so I was looking for something quick. I was walking down 39th Street in New York City when I turned to my left and saw these beautiful tall double doors, with no label on them. I was thinking “what is this place?”

There was a guy standing outside. So, I walked up to him assuming he was the manager, I asked him what this building was. He said oh this is a bar/nightclub called EVR, it’s not completely open yet. I said “Oh. Well, I am looking for work, and here is my resume.” He looked at my resume and said come on in. I opened these heavy wooden doors, entered, sat at the bar, and filled out an application. After an interview with one of the owners I got hired on the spot.

I was Loving life working at this place. It had great mixology cocktails, and great food. This place would get packed and not to mention an amazing DJ line up every night! One day, one of the owners comes up to me and says. “Courtney, one of our investors is here, please give him special attention”.

This guy comes in with a scruffy face, about 5 foot 4 and dressed so nice, with beautiful dark eyes. This guy is so full of energy and so quirky so there wasn’t anything you didn’t like about him. I introduce myself and put my hand out and he says “Hi I am Charlie”. Charlie would start to come in pretty frequently. I noticed the more he came in the more and more we started to flirt with each other. Then this whole Bitcoin phenomenon came about. That’s when I did my first Bicoin transaction for EVR, and realized crypto is the future.

After that, Bloomberg, CNN, Forbes, etc. started coming in and interviewing us while taking pictures. Charlie and I started to become closer and became facebook friends. I would start to get messages from him as well.

One night my manager said the whole staff going for drinks tonight, if I wanted to join. Turns out it was planned that Charlie and I were to have drinks alone. Apparently, Charlie Shrem had a crush on me for a month, it was mutual and it wasn’t confirmed until that night. We went for drinks, and he must have been so nervous because he vomited all over me!

I stuck around of course, that’s when you know it’s love right?

That is the start of our very long four year journey filled with ups and downs, travel, pumps, dumps, arrests and alot of craziness!

Throughout it all, we are still together and getting married!

-Courtney Warner

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All beautiful things have to start somewhere, great post!


Agree! I love this post


and they started it with a beautiful kiss @skytrex , hope you find happiness with Charlie Shrem @courtneywarner


Beauty with brains. Lucky guy :)

Great story. ya suit each other

Nice to get to know you both a lil better!

PDA violation
TMI violation
Vomit violation
Wealth Flaunting & Debauchery violation



Hey Court,

I did not know you had joined!


That is beautiful, this story, it is like I say on Fascistbook you and @charlieshrem make a ridiculously cute couple.

Steem On sister, welcome to the future!

Well, you are already living with the future so tell him I said hi LOL



Hey @barrydutton yes, I have been caught in the rabbithole, but loving every minute of it:) Thanks for the follow:) Have a great day!


You too Court.

followed/upvoted/appreciated! What a cool story! AND you guys are a good looking couple. Nice work...I'll be taking trips from this blog post! :)

Hey @courtneywarner great story, and we wish you two the very best. It's great to have you here, and we look forward to your articles, stories and more. P.S. Please ask Charlie to write more about his projects here :-)

I did NOT expect to read the "vomit" part lol. So sweet to read this story from your point of view <3 Love you both!


Yeah that happened @robertgenito, love you too:)


right lol? nice one charlie lol

great story hope your relationship will last forever!

Vomit = love.


I married my wife Bc we truly had the love at first sight. 3 years later nothing has changes and still feel like it was the first date!


That's adorable @joshua.johnson. I wish you two the best:)


Like a fine way, a great marriage just gets better with age!

Wonderful adventure meeting Charlie! You guys are so beautiful WOW! ;)

It is a very nice lovestory. It looks like your being upvoted a lot too. people really like seeing happiness in couples. Nice post!

good luck

Congratulations @courtneywarner!
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I read little bit faster... Charlie Sheen... what? :)

How in the hell are you doing these days Charlie? You have a very pretty lady indeed! Hope all is well.


Charlie says hi:) Thank you from both of us:)

Awesome post! Thanks
This is a related post --> https://steemit.com/dating/@salim772/dating-in-a-small-town
You may like it! :)

you look great together, you know love when you see it :)
i hope all he best for you
i'd like to visit EVR club sometime
great post :)

This is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing how you met. :) lives vicariously Congratulations on the marriage! ^_^


thank you very much @lauralemons:)

Hope she's not a gold digger Charlie, be careful & have fun!


Have you actually read the article @cryptomania1? I have been there for him through prison, house arrest, everything, he is the love of my life, I am SO FAR from a gold digger. Have a great day:)

You look great. But you do not kiss on the 1st date.


that picture wasn't our first date @melowd:)

Great story =) thanks for sharing, I wrote a story about my engagement if you want have a look at it !


that's a sweet story:) Good luck to you both @brotagnist!

Cryptography is the future. Good luck to you! Love! Joy! You are so young, beautiful! The post I liked! Now Wake up to come and visit!


thank you for the compliments @singa!

That is so sweet, thanks for reminding us that human connection is still possible and amazing as ever, upvoted!

ⓐⓒⓘⓓ ⓖⓞⓓ ⓒⓐⓣ™


love is always out there somewhere:) Glad you enjoyed it @carry0n


Hopefully, haha :p

ⓐⓒⓘⓓ ⓖⓞⓓ ⓒⓐⓣ™

When it is love it is love!
🎶 Love is all you need 🎶
Enjoy this beautiful journey you two are on and in every moment be grateful that God has brought you together. Congratulations @courtneywarner! May you be blessed with happiness and joy always!


awww thank you @jordanlindsey. I'm thanking my lucky stars every day:)

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Awwi, such a great story and awesome romance. Hope you guys will be together forever :)


Thank you @eltooni that's our plan:)

Its Magical Moment in everyone life

You two are the perfect couple of the year!!!

@courtneywarner yeah that good feeling when you're wrapped up in romance.

Nobody can predict the future. You just have to give your all to the relationship you're in and do your best to take care of your partner, communicate and give them every last drop of love you have. I think one of the most important things in a relationship is caring for your significant other through good times and bad
thanks for sharing @courtneywarner


It's called love like you are going to lose them, that way you get unconditional love back:) Thanks for reading @abbeymelchizedek


you are welcome.please upvote any post you like on my page

Nothing says "I love you" like a second date after getting thrown up on during the first date! ;)


true story lol @swenger:)

wow, nice story! I am surprised you found something beautiful and real in this filthy, fake city :) I guess it's called fate, even with the vomiting, when love is L-O-V-E even at 5 .4, the most important thing is looking ahead for a great future! I wish you all the best! Cheers! :)

Hope you guys live happily every after.

Just Beautiful you look very good together :)

Wow, surprised you didn't leave after he threw up!!

Thank you very much for this post.

What a wonderful love story. Wishing you and Charlie all the very best.

Try to stop in next time I'm in town!


Oh! Congrats!

That's a really sweet story, good for you! It's good to see true love and I wish you both the best :)

great story @courtneywarner so glad to hear these type of stories!

Great story .Hope you have many more in future .

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Holy mother of moo moo! That's a wonderful story!

I wish you a happy life and many Bitcoin Babies 😍😍😍 @courtneywarner
I am your new follower
Best Regards Andrei

I guess you will never forget your first date :) You look beautiful together.


Thank you for the kind words @recreator.

I should write about some of the people I've met over the years...
I could tell you stories about Vincent Price and Jackie Gleason...

So sweet and lovely..how i wish that was happeninng to my love life too..

Hi hope so. You will follow me..its my first time here. image


Wao so beautiful

i see a nice couple i hit upvote
please check also my new article

Oh Charlie! am happy for the balanced love

great post :) I can feel the love <3
Congratulations for finding each other :)

It's not easy to have something like that. Good luck and love


Iknow we are very lucky @mufasatoldyou.

What a beautiful story of love with a happy ending
Wish you guys love

Beautiful !!!

Upvoted, ReSteemed and Followed

pls check my post here -

thank you

Beautiful couple!!you guys look great together.I really enjoyed your story.i pray u stay together till the end of time.its always good to be with someone who love unconditionally. I love u guys.

nice to know, all thing about your love journey

You look very nice together !!!

Amazing story! how it ended up fom job search by accident to having a partner for life just like a romatic movie.
Love those love stories, thank you for sharing on Steemit. ^^ Upvoted of course

thanks for sharing @courneywarner iam always following ur post

Always be happy in your life together with your life partner ! There will be ups and down, but real love overcomes all hurdles @courtneywarner

Great and well palnned first date Courtney!

Cool story...love to know it...thanks for sharing your true story:))

Wow! That's a very nice story :) :) Indeed, love comes along in the most unexpected time. :) Love more. :) You're lucky to have found each other. Don't forget to invite us to your wedding. hehehe :) :)

you two are perfect great post

Never a dull moment, enjoy the ride and some great stories to share with the grandchildren someday...looking forward to your next post :)

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This is so sweetly emotional, congrats to you dear, wishing you joy all the way

This is a well-told story, and it shows how an open mind and resourcefulness can lead to results in all sorts of areas!

Wonderfull couple, stay strong together in bad and good days :) :)

yyaaaaayyy..... a good story

@courtneywarner tell Charlie he needs to sign into reddit-bitcoinmarkets.slack.com and say hi to us all again!! :p He never came back after the ETF was denied :(

Good luck!🤗

Haaa haaa cool story. Didn't see it ending in a vomit haa haa. When it's love it's love- true story!

The universe tends to unfold as it should.....

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Hey @courtneywarner

You both look very beautiful and attractive and I hope you will stay together for every your love increase day by day . I would like to know more about your love story . You must share your feature details and how that love come to be succesfull .

I am also in love of someone , he is angry with me , If you suggest me what I have to do It will be really apprecited as the love and effort you both done , I do think that you have great love ability.

I will wait for your suggestion for my love he is angry with me .

Lots of Love For Both of you and stay together for ever ...

i like it :)

love is beautiful things especially when it organically comes together. congratulations to you both and may you both continue to share peace, love and light with within your partnership.

It is amazing how people meet each other and find out they are fitting together so well. I am actually proud of him upchucking because it showed that you really cared. LOL Most people would be like ew.. and run away. Good luck guys! Love it!


I figured I would give him a chance to redeem himself. It was worth it:) Thanks for the follow @skcamper

beautiful picture! The color contrast is beautiful

True love always wins.Happy life ahead for both of you.♥ ♥ ♥

Still better love-story than Twilight, love this post .

Watch notebook such a good love story ...btw this one is nice too

Heyy, glad I found you on here I was just asking Charlie about you not that long ago! Congrats again on your engagement, and best wishes for your future! :)

You two are meant for each other. Great post! :)

Was just reading about Charlie and you in fortune magazine last night and now I see you here on STEEMIT! VERY COOL! I'd like to see Charlie on here as well. I really enjoyed the article and will watch with interest how he progresses. Hoping for your success!

Article link!


Thank you very much @mericanhomestead:) I think he should write on here more:) Have you read his Geek in Prison series? They are very good. Thanks for checking out my post:)


Where can i find those writings?

That is such a beautiful story which reminds me of the first date I had with my husband. It was from this experience that I learned to be open-minded, non-judgmental and not to take offence - this is how we can miss out on opportunities big time. Thanks for sharing.

So cute, I love this!!

Really funny story, thanks for sharing!

Bitcoin Connecting People ;)

Beautiful love story :D @courtneywarner
When would you get married? I think, choose 14th February :P

Hot.. I like it

great story hope your relationship will last forever.......... Best of luck