Me and My First Snow

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Hello, all Steemians! How's everything!
It's nice to see you again here in this platform.

I surely convince that most of you, Steemians, live in four season countries in all over the parts of the world. And you must be so familiar with Winter and the snow. Contrarily, not for us who live in Asia especially in Indonesia. Having snow in our country is like an impossible mission (except we have already had the artificial one) because everyone knows that our country has only two seasons. However, Indonesian people are absolutely able to enjoy the snow by going abroad for the reason of tourism, studying, or film shooting.


Next is a short introduction of me. I am an Asian who comes from a very beautiful country, Indonesia. I exactly live in Lhokseumawe, Aceh. I am a teacher who was very lucky because I got a scholarship of an extraordinary cooperation program between Sukma Bangsa Foundation and Tampere University, Finland, which was held last year . I joined the selection and training for TOEFL preparation for three months till I got the chance to study abroad which I felt that it was like a dream.

FIN 1.jpg

In other words, I excitedly wanna share my best experience in life, that is, going abroad for about two months for finishing my 18-month studying in Tampere University in April, 2017. Arriving In Finland after 10 hours from Aceh, We were very exhausted, but excited because of the change of the weather. It was at the end of winter there which the temperature was about minus seven in Celsius. We felt extremely cold, and that was the first time we felt, saw, stepped on, and touched the snow.



After few hours, we went to the hill (I forgot the name of the hill), located in one of big towns in Tampere, which surrounded by the frozen lake. Yuppp..the Frozen Lake meant that the lake which covered by thick ice because it was still Winter at that time. The view was so good and we couldn't stop to thank to our God who has given us a good luck for having such great experience in life. We witnessed the beauty of other parts of the world which we had never imagined before. That's why I conveyed that it was just like a dream.



At last, I felt very delighted when I could share my experience to the world. It was a little bit overreacted, may be, because I liked the snow like the western children got their first snow. That was because I got my first snow when I was 29 and it was last year in Finland. My hope, I can go to another snowy country someday.

That's all for today. Thanks for visiting. See you in the next story.

Best Regards

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