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RE: MackerelCoin & My Socioeconomic Observations from Prison (Part 1 by Charlie Shrem)

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So if in 2015 we assume that the Supply and Velocity grows at the exact same rate with the Price Level and Transactions unchanging, the amount of Mackerel would essentially double on an even inflation rate.

This is if nobody eats them of course, people do eat them sometimes right?, or maybe they keep them as they have more value uneaten! ?

ps.- very interesting post, thanks again for sharing!


Yes exactly!! I added that in there. (This is assuming no one eats any Mackerel and none are taken out of circulation, which we know not to be true)

Part of the value would be that eating potential; the limited supply from the commissary plays into scarcity.

Let's see; the Comanche traded horses, rode horses, and ate horses. Horses had value even tough the value of individual horses "expired" from death or feasting.

Then again, horses had varying traits, and one packet of mackerel is probably the same as any other.

It's a really good point. Physical dollars get lost, ripped, and taken out of circulation by the Fed all the time. The rate that they put money into and out of circulation is largely unpredictable. Whereas with Mackerel its a lot easier to quantify. That was my experiment.

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