Success Story #1: How Howard Schultz Revolutionized the Coffee Industry...

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Hi Steemians,

as today is Sunday I would like to share a story that I read some time ago but which I believe is very valuable for you to start the week very inspired.

It was the defining characteristics of Howard Schultz, his unwillingness to give up, his vision of a better future, and his aspirations to make the world a better place that gave rise to the biggest brand in the coffee industry.
It is thanks to Howard Schultz that Americans of today know what a latte is. Like many successful people, the billionaire CEO of Starbucks had humble beginnings.

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The child of two high-school dropouts, Howard Schultz was born in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in one of the public housing projects and experienced one of the defining moments of his life at a very young age. When he was seven, Howard came home from school to find his father laying on a couch with a cast from his hip to his ankle. His father was an army vet with no insurance whatsoever.

Schultz’s family was poor, and even for a child of his understanding, he found escapism in form of sports and exercise. He eventually went on to Northern Michigan University to attend courses in such fields as athletic training. That aspiration didn’t last long, and when he graduated, Schultz sought employment.

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Howard Schultz had a difficult childhood, but his adolescence years were even more difficult. At one point in his life, Schultz had to sell his own blood in order to pay his living costs.
In all of these difficult years, something remained with Schultz; his aspiration to do something with his life. He did not want to just sit around and wait for something important to happen and change his life with it.

He tried to make waves, be it small ones, to have an impact on the world. His willingness to achieve his dreams, come hell or high water, marked the foundations of one the most profitable businesses in the whole world.

Schultz was impressed with Starbucks’ knowledge of coffee and their making process. After being inspired by a chain of coffee shops in Italy, he tried to convince the board of Starbucks to believe in his plan of making the company’s chains ubiquitous. The board did not comply with him, as they saw the venture too risky for their business.

Even then, Schultz did not fall into despair. He left the company for a brief window in the ‘80s, but bought the whole brand in 1987 to go through with his plan.

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When the first Starbucks opened in New York, the New York Times had to describe what a ‘latte’ was. Starbucks was exotic in nature, and that was one of its charms. Schultz cared about creativity above everything else, and that creativity carried itself as the brand grew bigger and bigger.

As of 2018, Starbucks has 28,218 stores in more than 70 countries. The company reported revenues of $22.4 billion in 2017. Schultz’s own net worth is estimated at roughly $3 billion.

“The reason I am here is I dreamed big dreams,” He says in one of his speeches. “I dreamed the kind of dreams that other people said would not be possible.”

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Not only is Schultz a role model of success in business, but he is also a role model of human morality in society. There are few things that Schultz cares about as much as he cares about justice.

Perhaps the difficult years of his childhood and adolescence contributed to that characteristic of always seeking justice even in the bleakest of days.

His will and determination to not give in, despite the constant gabble of those who would discourage him from his path, has Howard Schultz into one of the brightest lights in the history of the world.

Have a Great WEEK!!!



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Dear @chbartis sir!
The unbalanced situations of life and stumbling teach the human being to walk and steer. This is the reason why Howard Schultz tried to find justice in the dark years of his childhood and adolescence in the darkness of that time and proved those who saw Schultz's enterprise very risky for his business and said It was that whatever you dreamed would not be possible. In fact, if we have the ability and strong will then no one can stop us from fulfilling our dreams.
🙏🙏I request you to accept as member of our community to my frnd @crypto.piotr and add him community list so that he can find notification and contribute in this community. thanks sir

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Dear @certain

I love how responsive you are buddy.

I'm so glad that I had a chance to get to know you lately. You're so very supportive. LOVE IT :)


people believe is not matter compare what we believe in ourselves

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There is a very spectacular motorized post. Sir is the hero of your story. He has faced many difficulties and in the end he worked hard to fulfill his dream and in the end he also succeeded.I believe man should not run away from fear of his difficulties, but should face it

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agree with you . face the difficulties and win it

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They had very confident and high thinking.
He always thought in the best interests of his team. They wanted everyone working with them to be full of confidence.
Thank you @chbartist

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confidence is another term of believe

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Great story. Very inspirational. It's the kind of things that makes one think, "that could have been me." He did not invent or discover the cure for cancer, he "just" came up with an idea for a business. There lies the simplicity and complexity of it all. The vision, the tenacity and the creativity to see what others don't and belive that it can be done.
Thanks for those powerful reminders.

love that quote , the vision , the tenacity and creativity to see what other dont and believe that i can be done

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi @chbartist, thank you for that story. I didn’t know it :) there a lot of stories out there. Just like the one from Walt Disney or Steve Jobs.
When you think about it: what did they have in common?
a) they did never give up
b) they fought for their dreams
c) they wanted to make the world a better Place :)

yes , it just them but all successful
people has their own same trait

Posted using Partiko iOS

@chbartist, Yes brother, we can get Inspiration from those who never gave up in life no matter how tough there life was. And it's important to intake the positive ingredients from the real stories because in that way we can also Install the same mindset in our life.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hi @chireerocks

I see your comments everywhere :) Do you ever sleep? :)

Ha ha, Yes, but in my case less is more and this is the time when we have to push more hard than less. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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God bless you

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you so much and have a great time ahead. 🙂


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I also recall he left the company after the initial success only to need to come back and restructure and refocus the growth and profitability of the Company during the economic recession. Truly inspiring given his journey.

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Hi @newageinv

I see your comments everywhere :) Do you ever sleep? :)

Always sleep well but get back to the feed where I left off every day!

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i see . That was the story

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What an inspiring story. Not everyone would be a big one in life, definitely.
But we all should try our best in our capability to catch our dream.
Your story telling style is mind blowing as always.
Thanks for your inspiration.

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the is always chances to become success as long as we didnt stop trying while still alive

Posted using Partiko iOS

That's very true. And continuous improvement also needed. I saw many successful initiative come to the ground coz they don't improve them with time.

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Great men hardly start great
Just believe in yourself with works and faith in God.
Was referred by @crypto.piotr

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Interesting story but I doubt his difficult years made him come that far. There are so many people with difficult years or a difficult life, with no opportunities at al and they are not rich or successful at all so that is not the key.

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What makes you go far is not to let yourself be defeated in difficulties, keep up your dreams and fight for them despite adversity.

fight fight ☺️☺️

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i believe that was one point , opportunity . In their time they was only limited of resources , idea and money . sometimes it was luck is one of the important element to become success .

But now , i believe if we dont have opportunity , we can create it because we can find the all the free resources from internet

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Luck does a lot, so does the help of rich and famous

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Wohooo, Starbuck! A very famous coffee shop and my favourite corner to not only enjoying its coffee, but moreover, its a great place to do my online work, meetup, meeting, or just having a break time.

And today, this article took me to know more about its inspiring founder. Wow! Thank you very much, @chbartis.

Thanks @crypto.piotr for informing about this. 😊

I absolutely love to see how resposive your are @alaikaabdullah

This platform need more people like you. And thank you for mentioning my name :) I appreciate.

Yours, Piotr

i love late with double shot expresso and make it 4 shot , what is yours

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Hello, @chbartist. The story of Schultz is really inspiring. Every success in life is born in the vision and in believing that this vision can be achieved. I like the topics of personal improvement and collective development that you present. Best regards

one of good story ☺️

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Very motivational and it is not so easy to be successful being in his situation. Trying and never givingup would be the secret for his success. I am gone teach this inspirational story to all my students in today's class. Thank you sir for such a good and valuable post.

good job on sharing them . Dont stop sharing good thing . let become chain of success

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If you won't work hard then you can't get the returne of your work so you must work hard for the best returne from your work...

Posted using Partiko Android

work hard and smart is the key to success

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When I finished reading the text, only one word of "will" came to my mind. And that action is as Einstein said, "the most powerful driving force."
Of the will is where we must strengthen and support ourselves to be able to fulfill all our wishes no matter how crazy or impossible they may seem to others.
Read biographies like this one are highly motivating and yes, I do believe that I will start my week with a good foot and this will be largely due to this post.

It was the believe that make him successful . Believe that he will become somebody . believe that starbuck will become big name in future.

All big company has small beginning , small. shop lop , small production , small team but big believe that they will become successful someday.

Building a successful business is not a magic, Behind that believe is a reason . Reason to success, brainstorming , teamwork, detail execution and improvement. Everything is matter to become successful because its not just a magic , it was a proper planning and execution .

Follow me at @tommyl33 for my travel journey ,life journal and photography blog .

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It is not necessary always to invent a knew thing, sometime you can take an invasion or product and give it your touch and a knew marketing, business and management strategy and the rest will be history. Look at how many thing America did not invent or discover, but they made them even better. They have become the knew owners.

It is a great story of a good example to follow, a person who did not let circumstances end with his dreams ... and also with perseverance could achieve what he had in mind. Thank you for that story, it has come at a good time. Greetings.

This is the kind of stories we have to share, @chbartist. stories of real people who even despite hopelessness and falls, kept fighting and believing in their dreams. When we live in a society where people give importance to money and seek to receive it in the easiest way, we have to remind them that there is a sure way to get it: working with passion and decision!Howard Schultz said, "Great opportunities can and have arisen during difficult economic times. Good phrase to reflect these days of low cryptographies. Inspiring story. Nice Sunday!

Excellent your contribution. No more words or less words.

People face its own life. The focus (should be) always risk the current situation to something different, better. There isn´t more words to introduce this story or other. Its about "action and protagonistm". Thanks for sharing, I love your content

A great inspiration in achiving your goals. It's always important to believe in yourself despite what everyone else think. Good post!

Great story. Very inspiring 😇

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Wow, he graduated with a degree in athletic training, and eventually became the CEO of Starbucks. That is a huge jump into something not related at all! This is a great example of a dream with no limits. This article boosted my mood, and made me wonder how far my dreams can take me.

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