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February 18,2018. Every sunday i went go in DIGKILAAN CHURCH, because we have morning service, when service has finish , while im going back in my home while driving motorcycle, there was something happen, and that moment im getting motorcycle accident, it hard to illustrate what exact happen because its long story, in accident happen i got 4wounds im my body
1st in my knee IMG_20180219_223313.jpg
2nd side part of my bellyIMG_20180219_225705.jpg
3rd my elbowIMG_20180219_223240.jpg
4th in my palmsIMG_20180219_223228.jpg

Though Its really hurt, but im happy because im alive .im so glad that i can still to stand up, and walk even i feel my pain in wound and body.
And im Also thankfull to God , for giving a protection and extend my life. Thats all guys :) thank for visiting :)


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  ·  last year (edited)

We wish you a speedy recovery.
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Thank you very much teardrops