Tracings in time, Etch a Sketch meets mind, mental archaeology

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When I look back to where I once was
No more do I see me there
When I think back how I once thought
Those thoughts are ephemeral

When I grasp at fleeting memories
They dribble through my hands
When I recall those important friendships
They feel like an unearthed tomb


When I hear of an archaeological find
I wonder if that is my mind
When I gather my family around me
Comfort is there and the norm


When I solve a new problem and look around
No one may have witnessed my dance
The athlete and dancer may twist and twirl
My dance occurs in my head


The musicians dance tantalizes our ears with wonder
My thoughts they are as air
The fighter in the arena thrusts and parries expertly
My ponderings sneak right by


Though it may leave me at a loss for the reason
Awareness is mine that thoughts matter
I see that without nimble dancers like me
All those other dancers could not shine


It is those creative wizards of the mind
That build the stages and the way
No instruments without thoughts by people
No rules for the games they play


We each have our battlegrounds and our concert halls
Only our imaginings can confine us
These same tools can break down any walls
Your mind is the only path to be free


I'm glad that I am simply me.

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Great work @chaospoet! Sent in a tiny promotion payment for this post - making it the only promoted post under /promoted/writers :)
I hope it helps in some small way, don't get discouraged!


I thank you for this
Though fine with hit or miss

That you enjoyed it means the most to me
These things I truly would do for free

Though when free or not free is a choice
I'll grab any payment I can and rejoice