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Meh - those that don't have patience for long posts are missing out. This is amazing and I offer up a strong, "Please do!" for the story to continue.

Can I tell you that I had to stop reading and take a minute to try to properly pronounce Skoupidiápolist? Also, please pat yourself on the back for this is my first time reading of a death by dung beetle. 😨

This is overly simplified but please take it as the compliment that it is meant to be, great story!!

One of the many things that I thought was an inspired idea was your emphasis on the need to refrain from touching another. (Have you ever seen 'The Last Mimzy'? I don't want to spoil this children's movie if you haven't but it has a couple of scenes that focus on how devastating the loss of being able to touch another person can be to humans.)

I think it is highly arrogant of those that sent the reply to assume that humans lack the ability to learn from mistakes and change. Especially considering that they did following the devastation wrought by the cooling of the planet. Maybe this reply was sent prior to the cooling of the core? I'd lay money on their species having a period in their history and exploration which they aren't proud of. (Though, I suppose it was nice of them to give fair warning that, had the message been intercepted by a different species/group, Earth would have been the victim of beings more than capable of doing whatever they pleased and taking whatever they wished.)

Perhaps the scientists could calculate the age of the given reply, examine the radiation from the disc and then eliminate those found in our local systems to find something that stood out? If there are still satellites above the Universal dome, a search for that "type" of radiation could reveal the direction the reply came from. (I realize that I'm playing extremely loose with science here.) Then an vessel/station could be built with self sustaining systems for the remnants of Earth's creatures to either live above the planet and come up with a way to live on the moon, make the station a viable forever home (incorporate seed banks, ways to create water, and about a bazillion other things) or take a chance and high-tail it in the opposite direction from the radioactive signature in the desperate hope that they will find a planet to start over on that will be accepting of them... Ok, I need to stop.

Again, please write more! Do you see what you've done to me?! 😂


My dear @brisby, you have single-handedly persuaded me to let my characters live. I think it was your appreciation of Skoupidiápolists that did it. I spent a lot of time coming up with just the right word for trash hunter in Greek. Also, your appreciation of the dung beetle--this was a touch that amused me. Isn't that the joy of writing...we get to create our own universe in service of our ideas.
Many of the directions you suggest will be part of the evolving story. There was a plan in my head, not all of it worked out, but the conflicts and issues open before me.
Thank you so much for your encouragement. I'm going to have a lot of fun fleshing out these characters, both earthbound and otherwise.

You're welcome and I'm so happy and touched to hear that! 😍 (I get that maybe not all of them will survive whatever is coming next in your story.)

Isn't it funny which details take the longest to suss out when writing sometimes? I'll admit that I've occasionally entered some keywords to a name generator tool and used the lists that populate as inspiration. But it feels so much more satisfying when you find just the right term to fit.

World building and character creation are as much fun as the research!


My shoulder devil says that this is me when writing. 😁

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