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"Pah ... kak Athaya must be late again tuh kekantor .. would want to pick up his girlfriend who matre noh" ledek Intan who broke the reverie of Puri.

"Why? So have a boyfriend..but not sepet your life hahahah" Reply Athaya who ran small to his car.

"you guys are ..." muttered om Darsono.

Suddenly Athaya who opened her car door turned gently toward the Castle.

"Puri ... I went first yes ..." said Athaya

"Yeah mas ... be careful" Puri replied with friendly.

After the death of Athaya followed by om Darsono, they then went along to leave the big house to go to their destination. Intan is very friendly, he also likes to tell long stories about his ex-ex. As a good listener, Puri only listens and provides the best solution for his new friend.

Intan and Puri are now arriving on campus and parked their cars immediately. When Puri was about to descend the car,

"Castle .." said Intan who blocked the castle step.

"Yes ..."

"I'm sorry .. I can change your appearance ??"

"You mean ??" asked the castle in surprise

"Sorry ... but with two pigtails like that you will be a student funny ojek here ..." said Intan

"Why do not we go to campus to study ... not for fashion right?"

"Right ... but..can I ask you to release your braid ???" Intan asked reluctantly.

"hmp .... Intan ... do not care what they say, which is important we are still in the limits of fairness and us

intention to learn right? "replied Puri

"Oh well then ..." said Diamond with a frown.

"Come down ..." Puri said with a smile.

Once out of the car they went straight to the lecturer room. After consultation, finally Puri successfully given the opportunity to take the test that will be held tomorrow.

"Waaaah happy ya Puri ... you will test tomorrow .."

"Do not say congratulations, I'll just say if I made it into the medical school hehe" said Puri tempting.

"Hehehe where do we go now ?? want to go around the campus to see the situation ??" invite Intan

"May ..." Puri smiled back.

Campus page is very wide .. so many students and college students passing by enliven the campus atmosphere. In the village of the castle never even menampaki atmosphere like this except in the dawn market to sell the tutut and shells. Mata Puri watched the circumstances surrounding the campus, his mouth open as if amazed and amazed by the high and sturdy campus building. As the body of the castle passing through the turning in front of him, his eyes unaware of what is in front of him, suddenly his body crashed into a man and three men who were near him.

  • Bruuuuk * (All the books in the hands of the castle fell to the ground)

"Awwwwww !!!!," shouted a woman who was in the arms of a handsome man with her

"Sorry ... sorry" said the castle.

"Do you have eyes ??? !!!!!!!" another woman replied.

"He's already apologized" interrupted Intan who began to dislike the situation.

"Eh lu ... silently yeah ... I'm not talking to you" said the woman.

"Once again I am sorry ... I accidentally" said Puri again.

"Anyway lu, ntan ... if you have a pet from the village in rante donk ... let me not nabrak-nabrak people"

"Keep your mouth yah !!!!" Inta began to get angry.

"Already already ... anyways not intentionally" said the man who noticed the face of Puri.

"But beobeh ... sakiiit"

"No injuries right? Do not have to be in trouble .."

"Hmp ... we hunted to pull ya .. ceg cen here" said the woman again with sulking as he pulled his hand and invite his two friends away.

The castle stared at the women leaving.

" not papa right?" Scold Intan with sad.

"Ah ... yeah papa .. my part is wrong ... I'm sorry ya diamond ... because of me, you just argue with them"

"I'm sorry ... they are really noble ... this is if you weak you will be attacked .."

"Yaudah ... we go to cafeteria yuk .. let me treat .." invite Puri to Intan.

"Yuk ah .." countered Intan with a bit lethargic.

Arriving at the cafeteria on campus, with a cup of orange juice and warm tea and accompanied by a warm and delicious bowl of meatballs in front of them, as if adding to the music in their stomach more intense desire to eat it.

"Who are they?" Asked Puri who started their conversation.

"Who's that cool trio?" countered Intan who looked still angry.

The castle just smiled at the look of Intan's angry face in front of him.

"That crappy woman you hit was Della, she's the son of the campus Rector, she thinks the people here have to submit to her ?? crazy..and others ... they are Melly and Devy, her most loyal boys" explained Intan.

"And that guy ????"

"Do not tell me you like the same puri .." said Intan while furrowing eyebrows.

"No ... is he a bad guy, too?" He asked.

"He's Daniel ... he's ... handsome, rich, who does not want to be with him, but he's a heavy playboy, do not occasionally intend to know him"

"Of course not ... I just want to learn, not to find a partner"

"That's good ..." said Intan with a laugh

"We go home aja yuk ... anyway doing here either .. or you want follow-up Shopping ?? pretty bad for ngilangin brain sumpeknya" Ajak Intan.

"But ..."

"Udah ... join aja ... not long kok..mama also most again gathered together my friends arisannya, papa and mas Athaya back home tonight, there is just aunt aja

Puripun approve the invitation of Intan who invited him to go shopping. Their keakrabam seemed to start to feel. How not, between the two are no longer awkward to joke. Intan is the youngest child and daughter of a mere puppet in her house, has an older sister
or sister is his desire, but he did not get all that, actually was a diamond and Athaya was very close, Athaya is a very loving brother to his sister, but since he was in college and busy running his father's company, he could no longer spend his time with his sister the woman. Especially now Athaya already has a heart idol.

It's been three hours they spent time together in one of the shopping centers. Feeling very happy they went home with groceries in their hands.

"Next time we are shopping again yes ..?" said Diamond again, throwing a smile broke

There was no reply that came out of the mouth of the Castle, yabg there is only a smile that began to follow the lifestyle movement of citizens. Is this city looking for money and then squandering it away ?, but in the village alone if not work yes do not eat, although work still will not be able to buy expensive items that have Intan.

Sure enough, ... the house was very quiet. Apparently, Hante's aunt is traveling. They parted behind the adjoining bedroom door. In his room Intan was cool trying some of the clothes and shoes he had just bought. While Puri directly prepare all his needs to meet the exam requirements to enter the medical faculty he wanted.

A very big nostalgic taste to both
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Miss Ear
Her parents and her sister in the village always make her feel depressed. But the pledge to please them had been imprinted on the heart of the Castle. No matter how difficult it is to live in a big city, as great as his struggle, it is only for his parents and his beloved village. There is no portrait to release the extraordinary feeling of feeling in the heart of Puri to his parents. But the look on their face is always in the heart of Puri and always make her feel strong. Someday I will make you happy .. Hope the Castle in the heart.


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