Left perplexed

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...and left perplexed

He woke up in the morning freshened up and texted “Good morning”
She was awake picked d phone saw it and ‘sucked her teeth’ without replying
He didn’t get a response so he smiled in anticipation and set out for work
She dressed up and was off to work also. Neglecting he even texted, a while into the day the phone beeped again “text from Boo :hi baby, how’s your day been” but she ignores and puts phone on mute.
After an hour’s quarter he’s left to wonder what is happening. So he begins to reflect on the previous day and this is what happened

<the previous day was a Wednesday, he had closed from work and felt tired and weary so decided to pass through the pub close to his office before callling baby and meeting up. On entering the pub he meets an old crush. This lady is “fine” yeah I mean fin. He’d been crushing on her all through tertiary school days but never picked a move. And here they meet again after almost four years. He thought it right to say “hi” and catch up, who knows she might feel same and still be single or available. Unfortunately conversations got pretty good nice sweet and deep. Boo forgot to even text baby he’ll be running late. Wednesday was a chicken and chips night out. All this while baby was at the usual place waiting to order but boo wasn’t showing up>

Long reflection short boo; missed the appointment, but got old time crush number. So went home to activate internet data only to see tons and tons of messages from baby.
Omg what was he to do. He called, he texted, he poked, he nudged, boo wasn’t responding so he slept the night off.
Waking so a great while early, seeing no response still, thoughts flooded in his mind and he couldn’t sleep all through the night

... to be continued...


Great write up, keep it up.

Great story. It's wonderful to know it doesn't end here. The story has great potential and a lot of promise. Hope to watch it grow. Great job

Sure. Thanks

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