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It so happens it was on a Sunday too when I saw this beauty on my way to church. When man is lead away by his own seek of pleasure we term it temptation. I met her again on my way to a lecture. Oh yes! The lecturer could forget about me coming. Sunday was for God, but not this Thursday. Names, contact exchanges, little chats, long phone calls, meeting times and finally visiting each other started.

Slow paced and fast track, a good combination of the two saw to me enjoying the company of the beauty. Let’s make a deal, she said; until we have both gone to get tested and known our HIV status, if it’s not on, it’s not in! How did it get to that? Fall in love and see. In comes the condom packs, lots of them shared amongst us. Half in each room hers and mine. Like panther, always come prepared.

The enjoyment went on. For the next two months the idea of testing was in the archives of our thoughts. On that fateful day, in her room or mine, I think both, we lost it. The protective resource had been used up and well, was it really important after getting to know ourselves so well?

Familiarity they say breeds contempt. Look at the date on the calendar; you won’t get pregnant even if I pour it in. There went the kisses, lights put off and waking up the next morning to dress up. Truth be told, you hardly think straight when you get yourself in that situation. Now here I sit with this guy called a counselor, having no idea how I feel, trying to tell me there is life after AIDS.
Well there is life because that’s how most people may get HIV. Thank God mine was a dream. I just woke up.


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