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Once upon a time in the jungle a Bird who was near a river drinking water saw an ant in the middle of the river mainstream struggling.

the Bird flew away and took a leaf in his mouth and gave it to the ant so that he could jump on it and save itself from drowning.

the ant jumped on that and was saved immediately as soon as the bird helped him.

A few days after this incident...

a hunter came down in the forest looking to shot a bird and the ant saw this and his friend Bird who saved him was the target of Hunter.

As soon as the hunter aimed for the target to shot down the Bird the Ant wanted to save the bird at any cost so he ran quickly and bit on the leg of hunter who was shooting.

The ant bite made hunter go off target and the Bird flew away from there safely.

Moral of the story : if you do good....then good will come back to you.

Every good thing you do for others will surely help you somewhere don't think about it be natural to yourself and help others without thinking for yourself life is all about this life cycle where you help others and other help you out if one became selfish during this time they will not go anywhere ...the Karma of life is real.

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Yes karma is my only religion.. Happy valentines day sista... And always the best for the future... Bless you and your family 🌟🙏

nice story sister @blazing between the ant and bird! I believe the lesson learnt should be use in our day to day activities. God bless you.

Good moral story of you @blazing ..That's life ,we must help someone who needed the most

This very nice post i appreciate your friends ships thanks for sharing this story.. Best of luck..

do Good Have Good.Great Story @blazing...the purpose of life is not to be is to be usefull to helps other people so they can Also Help you.God helps those who Helps others in trublle.thanks for sharing gona follow you for more memorable stories and contnts..

This is a story i will use to teach many because it has touched me. Thanks

Yes, It's true. Good doings always give something good back to you. Sometimes we feel like we have been wronged by some people, but ultimately those who wrong us get their punishment. we don't need to do anything. We should just be good. Thank you for sharing such good ethic.