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Well, there's a lot of similarity between Chhair, Robot and Gabtet. They have nothing to say about their intelligence. People do what they say. So why the price of robot so much?

  • This does not even know Gbett. Where did you pass the engineering?

-What are you? AdiGanga Institute of Information Technology

  • Where is it again?

  • There is not a sand hole in Gulipipara. A six-and-a-half-kilometer walk on the side of it runs a thick jungle. There are occasionally female elephants come in Chhair. Do not have a nurse at the back of Isicu's insciero in front of him, but even when you die, you do not leave the body. The Google map could not be found yet, our college Get the GPS and do it. Putsisati is a job in our college. And you know -

  • Oh pillar! I have passed from a college?

  • I know that. Masseusecute

  • Yeah, suck. Tootharama khusha kasate massacre tax Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Rascal in the head?

Yes, yes.

  • Who knows who's there?

  • No, no. Who are you?

  • Einstein Darwin Newton Galileo Have you heard their names?

Yes, yes. In his childhood, the father killed so much with the hinge of the hinge. What are those mistakes? But all of you chewed with mea chest ... I did not know that your college was in Chhatar. How much is going to fall in your weight.

  • Lizzy is not cow dung.

  • Do not say that you are my brother

  • What the hell?

  • I told you my cauter.

  • Bingo! This will be the name of the new robot I created.

  • Sex name is better than Bingo. There are a lot of yay. So do not you?

-Rubbish. Dump Dandarpaet.Bingo not goats Dronacharya. Dronacharya! My new robot will be called Dronacharya.

  • She understood this time. Very good name Sandalist Hanuman's masterpiece, the great sage, Deonna Chhajj. The nickname! Fly across the sky. All over. Can see all Chhair, who is very big, does not make video with the camera. He left the angle. He saw at idiots. You made an idiot in three. You made it. But why did the idiotai just make a robot?
    -What is it that insults me with words? And do not understand the salah, it is an insult like that. Hey listen, did you take interviews of this company? What gbet?

  • I did not have the interview. Chhaira. My father used to beat his father with a punch of potash. He used to run his family in the family. Chhaye did a lot of money. Hebei Demand Market Sometimes demand dropped a bit. Now again hot. What will the father do with so much money? We made Robotic's Dipatamen in our college. We used to make robots that all the Gomut money was. There is no comparisons between Gauru's poaching, Chhair.

  • What! Like you! If you end my assistant My! This Gomutkhekko Gobet is on the forehead of Einstein, who ate Kappcchino. Do not spend your time thinking. That's not yours. There is a poor dung. Your brain needs revolutionary research. Understand

  • I understand that. Do research. Be it revolution

  • I'm talking to my mistake. Listen, in the morning I leave Dronacharya in the sky. All surveillance will be done where the key is happening. Otherwise, the closing system will collapse. Which is home today. Tomorrow morning, Sokal came to the house. That's far from here.

  • Chhoye.

  • And hey listen Why are you so rude, why are you?

  • How did you know?

  • Rascale by impostor.

  • But Mullo is my favorite Food Habit Chhair. What to eat when you leave it?

  • You do not have to eat.

  • What is that?

  • I have passed a college from Rammachal?

  • Why Chhaya, Masha Sootache Soothe-

  • That's it. Now get out If not, with the hinge of the hinge-

  • No, Chhaye, Chhay. I'm going. But before going, I was saying a word in Chhaya. My father bought Swift Dessier with a lot of money. Diesel cars. More about mileage. The father did the Tess Dive, the car. Our Dusanjhaj Tess Dive will not be Chhaya? If you forget to go to Vietnam, you can go to find out who is going to find out?

  • It's not bad, I'm not gabetate. Which let go of hellfire in the sky from the balcony. Do I give information to my invention?

  • Let me leave it. Donna Chahja Hebey flying. Your answer is no. Thirteen idiots are more than you idiot chhair.

  • Listen to these gomutmakha comments in your brain. Dikh Dronacharya artificial intelligence of the monitor was caught in the eye? This time I will bring all the conspiracies in the system agenda. Look at the goblet.

  • I see Chhaya. A house can be seen in the chhara. Vegetable pieces on the floor. Chhaye chhaye chhete hai chhaye chhaye. Two rows of vegetables My Favorite Food Habit.

-Moolo! Your ear is in two rascals. What else can you see?

  • Chhair, what a person looks at the window and wondering what they are thinking.

  • Start the intense thinking system immediately. Those who have been exposed to books in the house always have some kind of Dangerous. Hurry up What is the idea of ​​the monitor in the monitor?

  • Chhaya, I can see, the mountain river Sungdey Island is a deep jungle and rice field. It is man who is a travel agent.

If this is not your intelligence? Mark the man is the poet The Island is actually Cinnamon Island. In that paddy field, the man is watching the ripe cultivation of rice. Dangerous thing snapper.

  • What is the Dangerous key for ripe rice rice?

  • Imagine the imagination. Heavy Dangerous matter. Save the home address. Keep your eyes open. Dakh Dronacharya started flying again. What can be seen is the fastest ball.

  • That's true. How many dangasasera pheasei pyatibheera how much to know! Our Tess Dive Hebei Saxes Chhair Would you like to eat tea with a little junk?

  • I'll give you a whip to whip up your bark. Do not know that we have less time. In one month all the data will be donald.

  • Donald Duck who is a chhair?

  • That's a pseudonym. Do not say the real name. In America there are. All of us parents

  • Babba. Donald Call Your Dad? Chab was killed in the morning of Robbah. Mickey Mouse. I did not know that there was such a Chessy kid. My knowledge increased a lot.

I'll arrange your project once it's finished. Have tolerated much Dakh Oong dhronacharya again dajarasara showing the matter?

  • Yeah, I'm seeing Chhaya. A wall Draw a lotus in the wall.

  • What do you see?

  • Chhari means ... Because of the excess water consumption of the human species, the extra water is throwing the wall in the wall ... Everybody in their own specialty of the water is treated with different types of water, the wall of the wall is also seen.

-Thom What language are you talking about?

  • Sthu's language. My father taught me that the nunka word is to be spoken in a gentle way after killing Kanchi. Sin reduces. What is the language of saints saints? But I did not understand a thing. Due to the absence of cheap, in the wall of the silent urine, what dangerous things are hidden?

That is, the income of one of the hinges, which is the income. That is your medicine. Hey goat Dronacharya is trapped in the trees. He could not move. So his eyes were fixed on that wall. Run the Autoraster program.

  • Chhari. But still, the monitor is going on in unrestricted manner.

  • Sake! Wonder!

  • I think Dononchaja is trapped in the palace tree chhair.

  • What's that?

There's a lot of birds there.

  • What happened?

It does not mean that some blacks in the underworld have built on the Ceribal Sensor of Deonachazas. Can the electro magnetic wave not penetrate the heart of the six-shivers? Chh is not your anger? Why are you shivering? Can I take up the khaye tree and bring it up? Come on, Chhaya? I did not have a tree? What is the chhaira chhair? Why did you fall? And chhair? And Donald Duck? And Mikey Mouse? Doraemon Pokemon, and Chhair?

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