The Fun Loving Ladies [Episode 7]

in #story4 years ago

The tweet got to her, made her realize that, indeed, she didn't need Matthew to be happy. As a matter of fact, she didn't need anyone for her to be happy, she had the key to her own happiness.

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David followed her on twitter after she retweeted his tweet and then requested for a follow back which she willingly obliged. Hello pretty, nice avi @Nancy'' David tweeted at her.

Avi? Nancy quoted and replied to David. She didn't know what that meant because she only started using twitter.
Avatar! David replied. That was the word shortened to avi.

Aww, she dosn't know what an avi is? A random follower added after reading Nancys tweet.


Of course, our happiness is not tied to anyone. We are in control of our own happiness.

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