I'm blaming the internet connection...

in #story2 years ago

I am not feeling well today. I go home after the three class, I rest and try to take a nap but I got a call from a company that I sent an email yesterday. The interview is scheduled at 4pm, I waited until the time. I prepare myself to look fresh so I put make up on my face. oh! it is already 4pm but I still don't get a call from the company, I wonder why so I open my messenger. she texted me at 4:24pm and I recieved at 4:44pm so the interview is resched tomorrow. I have full schedule tomorrow in school how can I manage this interview? My goodness, it brought me a little bit stress. Why does the internet didn't notify me on time :( I am disppointed on you! Today is not a good day. but still have a good day to everyone.

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