What Makes A Good Writer?

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Being a writer is less about the career and more about passion – a kind of passion that lurks between the millimeter’s space of an author’s pen and paper.

For being a writer, the foundation rests upon ‘inspiration’ and ‘curiosity’, where inspiration deals exclusively with your reading and listening frequency while the curiosity deals with your urge to read more and write even more of the standard that you have read. While maintaining a balance, be sure not to copy anyone’s voice or yours will be lost in the prattling of masses!
Be versatile! Of course there is a niche of specialization, but it always gives you an edge when you have multiple streams flowing through your mind, all the way towards the nib of your pen!

Another important ingredient is your strive to be at the peak of imagination and unbarred to the critics. It is immensely important that you alter your writing style and expression according to the taste of era you are living in and you only realize that by giving an open ground to your critics. Remember that every decent writer has been accused of being a waste of talent!
A writer must be specific, coherent and goal-oriented. Since writers influence the masses, it is very important for them to have a specific goal in mind – a goal that they aim to achieve through their readers by concatenating their narration such that the reader gets compelled to act in order to bring about a change as ‘secretly’ desired by the author.

You cannot be a good writer if the reader surrenders reading you at any time. In order to avoid such points, you must always start with a ‘bang’ and develop curiosity (while being clear!) throughout the content to ensure that the reader is always eager to cherish every simultaneous sentence.

For being a prolific writer, you need to possess a decent aura of expression and semantics. Dare to sound inscrutable and you will find your books covered in dirt! Extensive reading, writing frequently while polishing your main niche and going beyond your comfort-zone are the keys to curl your readers into smiles.

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