Salvation Igor Mariano

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One day the wife returned home from the office and said, 'Finally, I gave the holidays. I'm going to meet Kuban and meet my parents. Hope you have no objection.
Hmm! The objection to my wife's words is just as vulgar as to complain about the bad weather.
'Do not go, come on, said in a shriek less voice.
The possibility of his upcoming trips to the wife was not comforting me. Thinking about cooking itself, clean the house and other unpleasant households One must do something, to get rid of the problem arising is to find out.
One day, during the dinner, I asked him very calmly, 'What is your holiday news? Do not cancel?
I do not think so. But why are you asking.
Just . I was thinking your parents are waiting
The next day I asked again, 'What is the date of the day? For months to take a rest, breathing fresh air .
Why is one month? If I go for 10 days, I'll tell my position clearly that my wife.
'No, you should be resting very well,' I started complaining.
'Wonder! I have never shown such kind of gratitude for me before.
No, I smell something else," looking at me with suspicion clearly expresses my wife.
Then again, when I raised his travel context, he began to feel nervous.
'I do not understand, why are you so quick to move me from the house? You can feel that you are plotting a plot.
I tried to highlight the expression of uncomfortable eyes and said, 'I am not putting any tricks. But you see, your nervous system has become weak, and you are crying unnecessarily. That means you need rest. And as soon as possible.

'What the hell is wrong! You know how much I have to touch you.
'All the men are good in front of the wife! I have to know. I see your eyes, you're clever. Know, I'm not going anywhere!
I pretended to sigh. Then in the face..