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I spent an hour in a bank with my father. He wanted to transfer some money. I can't help asking. "Why don't you just turn on internet banking?"

"Why do we have to do that?" My father asked.

"Yes, so we don't have to spend an hour just to transfer. We can even shop online, and everything will be very easy. "I was so excited about introducing it to the world of internet banking.

My father then asked, "So we don't have to leave the house?"

"Yes, yes that's right," I said excitedly. I told her that even vegetables could be sent to the front door. And how big companies like Amazon and Alibaba are able to send whatever we want and order!

<My parents' answers made my tongue choke.

"Since Daddy entered the bank today, Daddy has met 4 friends, chatting for a while with bank employees who know our family well. You know, son, your father and mother live alone. Friend is what we need. "

My father continued. "Right now, for father, meeting with other people feels important. Two years ago, Father fell ill. Subscribed stall owners and their children visit father, sit in the family room, accompany chatting and entertaining us. When your mother fell on the road early a few days ago, the traveling security officer saw her and immediately drove her home, because she knew where we were staying. "

"Will mom and dad experience human touch if everything becomes online? Father wants to know someone who is related to father. Not just a 'seller'. This creates bond and security. Son, technology is important but not the essence of life. Remember to spend time with people around you, not with gadgets. "

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