Now it's just one

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Siraj had warned, nobody could find out that there are people in the house. If someone ignores the light? But the military does not come out at night. Will be seen. Who? Bilkis raises lantern chimney. Taking hold of the woodcut by holding the necklace, he stared his ear and looked back. Then it was too small to be put on the robe.

In that little light, the open caddy on the left ventilan open. The cooking has to go before it's finished. Maybe the rice was being set in one corner of the house, some rice still on Kulaura. Two flat breads, semi-edible banana on a plate on the floor. The lantern is covered in the net and he goes to the bedroom with a fast legs. I do not know why, I do not care much about it anymore. Such a moment comes when people are elevated from reality.

He looks in the floor on the floor in front of the room. Is there any blood stain anywhere?

Seeing the bed, watching the walls, next to the side of his younger brother's house. What was the nika in Rangpur? No, were you at home? The bed seems to be used. Maybe Khoka did not return to college. Sitting in Jalshwari. Suddenly in the chest of the chest, she trembled at the moment.

They are the boys of this age, they kill them.

Siraj said he had forgotten so long.

He comes out of the verdict and comes out of the verandah. How long has it been, Siraj still not returning?

Where have all the house gone? When have you gone He does not seem to have killed all of them. But suddenly why did it go away? Once went to the other side of the river, was there anyway?

Leaving the lantern, dragging the chair without any sound and putting it at the end of the verandah. Bilkis From here it is not visible to the front door. He is sitting

This first tintin his whole leg became. She feels the five-mile walk fatigue. The pain gradually spread on the back of the legs. Big thirsty gets. Inside the stomach rises. The whole day did not have some stomach. Pain is associated with pain now.

Inside the head, it seems to be extremely dangerous.

He does not expect Altaf to return. But in Dhaka, if there was ever news. If he is asleep as he is asleep, caution in the door, Altaf is open to open the door.

The money is all come to an end. The rent of the house was left for two months. The landlord is not known anymore. Now he has kept a beard, not a cap from the head. He advises more than he does for the hire, go to the country's house, and do not feel good to be alone here.

Then Shamsher came and said, I think, now that we have started in Dhaka. Did not hear. The day after the bullet? Farmgate? Our boys attacked

Shamsher's suspicion, the military will now be active, find out, there is no communication between India and India. If Altaf has gone to India, then the military one day will catch Bilkis.

I think, you think you go home.

Has Altaf gone to India? If he is, he joined the war? It is heard that the boys have flown the pool here, threw grenades in there, one car eliminated the soldiers-if one of them is the work of Altaf? What is the noise of gunshots in the night, which is heard in Dhaka night? Is not one of the key to Altaf?

Bilkis also feels great in the heart of the chest and resistance in the chest.

If they lifted the ban last year, then today the child in his lap. Altaf's

Sudden anger got over the chest. After five years of marriage! Now it was supposed to be a boy, they had their own.

If you are a boy, now it would have been difficult. It has not been good

But if Altaf did not come back! If that night is his death. Altaf Will you be silent? Does Altaf do not love him? Bilkis did not love him?


Surprised Bilkis. Jump up. Do not understand, really the voice of people? Not her imagination?

The dark blossoms of syaraj emerge. Apa, I He takes a quick look around. Did anybody come

No I was fine Did you hear anything?



The canal pool could not be broken properly. The one-way rail is gone.

Bilkis does not want to hear about the pool, mother siblings. But do not dare to digress. Looked at Siraj inside the darkness with anxious eyes. Where a drop of light has made Siraj's eyes clear to both of them. It seems, is fluttering.

Siraj says, and what I heard, all of you are good.

Whose to hear? Where are they?

All of this side of the river, especially in Tawon, came out at noon today. You all have seen. Nobody could move away from anyone. On the other hand, Biharis have a lot of houses. The military gave them guns.

Siraj is almost like a memorial. One kind of fluctuation is noticed, that if he can finish his speech he can escape.

Bilkis noticed that. Perhaps, the tone of Siraj's voice has changed in the excitement of being alone out of danger.

What are you doing so long? I was a little late.

I was sitting

I'm not afraid?

Bilkis tears down his head. The feeling of fear was unknown to him.

You've heard that they've been on the other side of the river?

Yes, some of the boys here come to their homes and ask the girls to come out immediately. They take everyone to the river bank.

Only Bilkis got disturbed by the mention of girls.

And the nick?

Your brother

Yeah, did not go with the boy?

Everyone has gone You do not have to think about anything. It will not be convenient at night. In the daytime, I can see if you can come across.

You say that you do not have a military at night, will not be in the day?

You'll take a fancy sari later. It seems like the farmers are home.

You have a lot of brother for me. Bilkis holds her hand. In the Siraj where he could see Khoka. Sometimes the faces of all human beings are united. Now it's just one

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