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As I mentioned in my previous article, recently my articles, comments for my articles, comments for my friends' articles are flagged or downvoted.

My last 2 articles are invisible now and worth NOTHING.

Did my garden and flower articles hurt anybody?

Why do I have to be bullied like this?

Who is doing this to me?

I need to make so much efforts to write in English since I am not a native speaker.

Whoever doing this to me makes that efforts to nothing, ZERO.

If somebody know any information about this situation, please tell me.

One person told me that since there is no person who is responsible for oversee articles and comments in this platform, everyone can do whatever they want.


I feel so sad...


supporting here too.
your English better than some native speakersin this post:-)
oops. .. hope i didn't offend anyone with this comment.

Thank you for your support @ace108.
I still have long way to be good at English, but thank you :)

Thank you so much for your support @bullionstackers.

Wow ! 13 bucks worth ;)

I hope you don't experience the same bad experience I had, @zaragast.

Nice @bullionstackers ✨ that's why Steemit is so special, the big guys look after the little ones

I agree. Thank you for your comment @daisyd.

After you reach a certain amount of Steem Power you can adjust the percent of your vote from 1% to 100%

ok how much steem power we need to get that option?

1 million vests. Like 480 Steem power i think

:( thanks mate :( my repuation score have reduced , how to get it back ? any idea if you can help?

I just looked through your posts... I see one major issue. Most would consider your work SPAM. It isnt content. So instead of just posting an image and a sentence, try teaching something you know. Put some effort into it.

ok thanks for your valuable suggestions @nicnas , i will try to write some contents.

By getting upvotes i believe. The more valuable content you post your rep will increase. I know sometimes good content doesnt get voted on but try promoting it in steem chat post promotion or something. If you had problems with getting down voted, make sure that issue is solved first and then start creating content that your put blood, sweat and tears into.

I hope that helps. I am no expert but if your heart is in the right place, people will see eventually.

i cannot attach images to my post and i have seen image makes a post more attractive and valuable.

What is going on? I feel sorry for you :( I have no idea why they keep flagging you...

As noganoo said, I get flagged and downvoted because of the reason, it seems ;(

Don't take it personally, I think at one stage or other it has happened to all of us. At one point there was a massive flag war and everything was being flagged constantly, it got very boring and thankfully seems to have passed for the most part but there are still bots that do it. I'm sure it won't last long, just keep doing what you're doing and try and make your titles and images as interesting as possible.

Thank you. I just don't understand the reasons why they downvote me and flag me.. I try to make good articles!

Me neither, I'm sorry :( seems really unfair!

I'm not sure what was happening to you, but I hope things are going better now

Thank you for your comment. People here are supportive and I feel a bit better now.

If nothing was wrong with your posts, don't see why it got flagged. Maybe its just trolls. You have the same issue on Reddit with people downvoting.

My vote isnt worth much, but ill give a crappy 100% anyways. Dont be sad @arisa

Thank you!! It is not crappy, it means a lot to me!

Please follow me i upvote your posts. Best regards @mrstaf

Hope this will be fixed very soon for you !

Stop all your bots and try to make an honest account .. stop the spam of 0.001 sbd and if you feel like spreading the word spread 1$ 's !!! Or you deserve to go -7 to all your accountS reputation. Muted on most accounts

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