Broken heart syndrome (Takotsubo cardiomyopathy) & real story broke our medical staff hearts

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Story that broke our medical staff hearts

    A 52 years old mother previously healthy, not diabetic or hypertensive came to our ER in ambulance complaining of severe crushing chest pain, it was typical ischemic chest pain (chest pain typical for ischemic heart disease) Her ECG showed ischemic change, her cardiac enzyme was elevated which indicate cardiac cell damage, urgent cardiac angiography done. She had left ventricular (left heart) apical ballooning and that is typical for Broken heart syndrome.   

What broke this mom heart?
This caring mother was in intense stress after her only daughter rejected from college, she is a widow so her only daughter is everything to her, she work as a teacher and her daughter  grade in school was always good, because of simple mistake in application process her daughter lost her chance, the mother was discussing her case with dean of medical collage when chest pain started then she transferred to our ER immediately.
When staff found out the story all felt sorry for her, people admire her caring for her child and respect her attitude, staff now that this syndrome won;t happen unless there is dramatic stressful event, they well aware that this mother love her daughter more than anything in the world, she develop this syndrome not because her child was hurt or sick its only because her lovely daughter may lost 1 year no going to collage. actually I found nurse crying sympetaly with her, she touched every one heart.  
When the mother in CCU (Cardiac Care Unite) I remember that her daughter become very emotional and tell the doctors & nurses that she doesn't want anything in the world but her mother back, she stayed in front of CCU door for 8 hours (all my shift) till visiting time started.
What a beautiful unbreakable relationship between mother & daughter


This story happened before months, this week nurses told me that the mother is fine and she came for follow up in OPD Clinic, she continue her work as teacher and the daughter got a special scholarship in private medical schools, so happy ending for all.   


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 What is broken heart syndrome? 

It is sudden weakinig of heart muscles triggered by enormous emotional stress like sudden death of beloved one, relationship break up and others, Any sever stressful event can cause it but it is rare condition, not any one had stress will develop this syndrome.
Sato et al is a Japanese doctor who first describe It was first described it as Takotsubo, it is Japanese words mean octopus pot, because left ventricle shape look like  octopus pot in this condition. 


                                                                       image source

How it happened? What is the mechanism? 

Like many rare syndrome  Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is not fully understood but good study suggest that the release of catecholamines (such as pinephrine and norepinephrine, released in response to stress) play a significant rule in coronary artery vasospasm witch trigger the ischemic like event.   

Finally the overall prognosis for broken heart syndrome is good after passing the acute phase.

 I hope it helped
So please on't break people heart in any way
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So the moral of the story is to always try to take it easy. Thanks for the info!


That would be very good attitude if we can do it always
good to see you tommy
Thnx for the input

Thanks for sharing with us this story araki, should I translate it to my mom in hope to take it easy !


glad it touch you my friend, jope your mom will amways take it easy
Thnx for resteemit , following you now


You're welcome ! People need to be aware about the risks ! I also followed you ! keep us informed.

Good article man. We for sure don't understand the factors that lead to loss of muscle tone, but it is believed that a lot more cardiac death than expected occurs this way than currently known. It also complicates things when someone does have heart disease. Someone could have heart disease and still die from the muscular pathology versus infarction.


Thank you for elaborating @tfeldman, good to see you bro
it is one of most interesting syndrome
by the way you have good article about clinical examination of seizers


Thank you! The link is weird on my post. You can get to it within steemit but it is faulty once you try to get back on the page...WEIRD


Thnx for input @immarojas , god to see you
i see you wrote about this before, i tried to open the link but nothing came, i found the blog in search but also nothing

· doesn't exist :))

And they say nobody can die of a broken heart?


they are wrong my friend, it is rare but it could happen