The fugitive groom

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The clock struck six. Despite the fact that Sushena pretended rest, the smell from kitchen was enticing. Granny was likely making ' kotte kadubu' – the malnad extraordinary. Gracious dear! Sushena cherished its possibility.

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The morning sun penetrated through the corner window likewise unfogging his heap of dreams from the previous evening. Before sufficiently long, the room was loaded with the sweet aroma of champa blossoms from the terrace. The morning supplications at the adjoining shiva sanctuary were on its statures.

The talk serenades shocked sushena's languid nerves. "vishweswaraya… … .trayambakaya… tripurantakaya… … .trikagnikaalaya… … .kaalagnirudraya… … ..neelakantaya… … .mrityunjayaya… .sarveshwaraya… ..sadashivaraya… … .shankaraya… ..mahadevaya… … .namaha… .." so it went.

He put on his glasses and contemplated the enormous day ahead. Is it safe to say that he was certain he needed? His faculties bypassed as he heard his sister first floor. Sushena rushed to the corridor while the droning from the sanctuary followed him.

The family had accumulated around. No, it was nor anybody's birthday nor commemoration. They had come the distance to help sushena discover his lady of the hour. Sushena was 27 now. To what extent might they be able to pause? The kid had an attractive activity at a promoting organization in Delhi. Despite the fact that it was sufficiently bad, his uncle's sister-in-law's neighbor's grandson had thought of a couple of proposition which were to be moved. Everybody appeared to be so fastidious. Mother and granny were wrapped around the kitchen errands. His dad and uncles were setting up the agenda. Grandpa was caught up with molding his mustache. The children raged around from all over. To the extent Sushena was concerned, he didn't have the scarcest appreciation of what was gotten ready for him. The main thing he nurtured at the present time was 'the kadubu', 'the sweet rasam',' the shavige' and' chutney ' that would be served to him at the young ladies' places. Obviously, individuals got back home on excursions to have great nourishment. What was so amiss with it? sushena had no motivation to feel disgrace.

The motor moaned when the entire family crushed into the auto. One little twitch and the auto wobbled making small screeches from time to time.

Their first visit was to the Keshavs'. They were an old companion. Along these lines, it may demonstrate a decent organization together with them. The young lady was a traditional vocalist. Sushena's mom was in tears when the young lady sang abundantly. In any case, sushena was profoundly baffled since he was just presented with espresso. The young lady's dad communicated his objection upon the way that sushena was not a designer. Indeed, where was sushena's blame in that? He couldn't get it. Wouldn't he have done designing on the off chance that he had got a seat? "Bold individuals!" his mom protested.

Proceeding onward, they next went by the shastris'. Not at all like the keshavs, the shastris furnished sushena with scrumptious nourishment which satisfied him a ton. Scarcely any minutes after the fact , the young lady's dad communicated his profound sympathies on his little girl dismissing sushena. His little facial hair was the offender. The young lady by one means or another had grown a sudden abhorrence to it. This cracked him a great deal. Things being what they are, imagine a scenario where he had a whiskers. On the off chance that it was not for this adorable little facial hair, priya could never have dated him. He felt a slight fit in his heart on the prospect of his ex.

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The kashyaps invited sushena with extraordinary pageantry. The following session went on for the most part with sushena's mom lifting up him for his valor and great direct. Sushena was currently sentenced to consider this. Who were they discussing? Was sushena truly on great lead? He had intercourse without his folks' assent. Is it accurate to say that it was with priya? No… ..It was kajal. … ..No, it was both … .Twice with each. Consider the possibility that his family came to know about it. God … he would be busted. He was assuaged when he was dismissed once more. This time since, he wore glasses. His folks peered toward him with the look of disturb. Be that as it may, hold tight. Once more, how could sushena be rebuked for it? he never liked wearing glasses. He would have had sharp eyes just if his predecessors had.
The night sun had blushed the skyline and was currently grinning vindictively at sushena and appeared to badger him on account of his disappointment in the new pursuit. For a minute sushena had a sense to punch the sun on his super hot face. Be that as it may, the fowls flying towards the west were very much equipped and would swoop in to ensure and spoil their enormous rankling kid. Sushena was presently regarded as a weed outgrown which must be unpleasantly tossed out. Poor sushena… .well who had requested that they discover him a lady of the hour? For what reason would they be able to tend to their very own concerns? Is it safe to say that it was his blame he was rejected 7 times in a solitary day? A few young ladies despised his looks. Some were disappointed with his status of economy and capability. Some were suspicious, some were clandestine and the others were inconsiderate.

With a specific end goal to end this experience honorably, sushena was dragged to visit the Dixits'. Their home appeared to be more voluminous than sushena's. The young lady too appeared to ever be charming. At last, he could feel a feeling of cheer in the climate. The young lady's dad turned out with the test outcomes. What might he hear? a yes or a no? It may be a yes on the grounds that the young lady was all the while grinning at sushena . Or then again might be definitely not. The young lady's mom appeared to influence her. At long last … ..a 'YES'… … .goodness my god sushena's mother nearly bounced up from the seat. What an euphoric minute for our sushena!!! Hold tight.

There was something different. The young lady's dad proceeded with that his little girl was eager to wed sushena . In any case, as she was a bustling lady laboring for 7 hours every day, it was sushena's obligation to assume control over the kitchen which implied the kid needed to take up a fiery preparing on food for 3 months from his eventual relative. Sushena's head hummed around. His brain and body swaggered .He felt a slight crash. He immediately got up, advised he needed to utilize the restroom and vanished around a twist. He didn't think back until the point that he had achieved the patio and all of a sudden paced up his energy and dashed over the paddy handle, the town lobby , the shopping complex lastly the railroad station. He climbed onto the moving train and spared his dear life likewise attesting to himself that he could never at any point return home for a get-away.

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