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Her name was Shruthi Sekar. She was working in a presumed IT organization in Chennai as a designer. Her father was a central in a tuition based school and her mother was a resigned government teacher. She has a senior sister named Shristi Sekar who was a bank worker in Mumbai. She got hitched a year prior to Sathyam Balakrishnan, a businessperson.

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The most appreciating soul in this world for Shruthi was her DAD. She was a little princess to his father. Yet, the stunning part here is that, she didn't care for any men other than his father. In her view, wedding somebody resembled losing her freedom and having such a large number of confinements throughout everyday life. Along these lines, her objective was not to get hitched and she needed to investigate puts alone.

She was clear about her obligation throughout everyday life. She needed to accomplish more noteworthy statures throughout her life by accomplishing something that nobody does prior. In this way, she accepted her position as the opportunity and she began working with full fixation. Begun as a lesser worker in 2016 and now she was a group pioneer for 15 senior representatives. Her activity was her leisure activity and everything. She generally wanted to achieve a superior place. This energy for her activity influenced her to disregard her family and companions and her future spouse.

She was 27 at that point. Her mother gravely needed her to get hitched. Be that as it may, Shruthi was excessively unyielding in her objective, "Always SINGLE". She generally moved toward her father to persuade her mother. Since she is a bit of, enchanting princess to her father, he generally gives a positive flag to her. At a certain point, everything changed. Shruthi's father begun encouraging her to get hitched. He was the main buddy to help Shruthi. His demonstration made Shruthi to lose her temper and she yelled at everybody. Yet, their recommendation never halted and it turned out to be considerably more significant and extreme. This aggravated her a considerable measure and her understanding transformed into viciousness.

Incredibly, she got a letter from her organization expressing an offer to work in another branch of their organization at Delhi for a long time. This letter gave a murmur of help to Shruthi. She was particularly upbeat and she began to pack her things with energy. She never talked a word about the move to anyone in her home. At long last she uncovered her father about the new activity in Delhi, multi day before the flight. He was numb for a minute and in the wake of reganing his levelheadedness, he advised Shruthi to drop the arrangement. Be that as it may, his little princess never had room schedule-wise to tune in to his words. She traveled to Delhi.

Those 2 years was altogether different for Shruthi since it was the first run through in her life to abandon her folks. She missed her father on occasion. At whatever point she missed, she promptly called him and talked. This gave her a little warmth to her aggravation of hearing her mother's recommendation. She never addressed her mother in the 2 years and her dad likewise didnt discuss the marriage to her. In spite of her depression, she completely delighted in the capital city, Delhi. Following 2 years, she returned to Chennai with nervousness and a little disturbance.

To her stun, she saw her mom resting in an informal lodging medical attendant sustaining her something. She surged inside the stay with tears and asked her mother what happened. She was not able talk and the attendant disclosed to her that she had got an assault seven days prior. Shruthi's unyielding character was broken into tears. She dealt with her mother for multi month abandoning her activity aside.

At the point when Shruthi's mother recuperated following multi month, she asked Shruthi,"This is my last wish and I will never ask you this again,I swear. Will you wed?". Shruthi, on the double, without considering, said "Yes mama. I will". Her mom's bliss knew no limits.

Following two months, Shruthi got hitched to Kavin Raj, who is a dear companion of Sathyam. Everything was changed after her marriage. Kavin was additionally an IT worker in Chennai. She never figured her better half would give her such a freedom in her life. She felt like a Queen to his King Kavin. Whatever she pondered marriage before was gradually dissolving in the adoration for Kavin. She felt so fortunate to wed him. In the meantime, she felt terrible about her awful instinct on marriage and men prior. Also, now she is an upbeat lady with two youngsters, Krish and Shilpa alongside another child,KAVIN(His love).

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