All For My Sweet Mother [Episode 6]

in #story3 years ago

Then that day, when I was in primary four, I was ten years old then. A big bully in my class had threatened to beat me for referring to him as an orangutan. The teacher had been reading a story to us and in the story, there was an orangutan and the teacher asked us if we knew what he meant, we did not know, so he explained to us.


An orangutan is a big ape with long arms and an orange head, the teacher said. I had laughed, the bully looked like an ape and my friends and I alluded that he looked like an ape.

Dare is an orangutan, I mumbled to my desk-mate. He laughed and the teacher saw him and inquired why he was laughing.
Dennis said Dare looks like an orangutan, my desk-mate said and the class burst into laughter. I looked at the bully, he was stoning me with a very mean look.


Mother's love is incomparable

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