Dog Park In The Dark with L-O-L-A Lola

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Yesterday I went to the dog park because I was too busy to take my dog for his hour long walk earlier.

But it’s no loss for him.

It is an off-leash park, enclosed with a chain link fence, where he runs free and plays with a bunch of buddies.

The dog park saves time, because we drive there, he plays with other dogs, and he gets more vigorous exercise than he would on a walk.

With summer ending, and darkness starting at 8:30 pm, the park is open, with no lights on, so it was pitch black as we were heading in.

Like human social settings, the dog park has its own cast of characters, and the regulars all know who they are.

Monty – An older, heavier, German shepherd hounded me for a treat the last time we went there, so I brought one treat for my dog Rocko, and one for Marty. Last time he followed us to the gate when we left, climbed up and looked over the fence as we drove out of the driveway.

Tonight, we were greeted at the gate by Lola, a heavy set black lab who doesn’t waste any time on introductions.

Before I closed the latch, she had taken Marty’s denta-bone out of my track pants pocket shamelessly, and was already half way through eating it by the time I noticed.

Marty wasn’t there, and I told Lola’s dad about the way Marty harassed me for treats last time, and he said Marty does that to everyone. Notorious nuisance!

Then, as we chatted, Lola tried to do an end-run for my other pocket and help herself to Rocko’s treat, but I stopped her. Begging Burglar!

But she wouldn’t leave my side, and wouldn’t play with any other dogs either, until the business of the other treat was settled and it was clearly in Rocko’s mouth.

Funny pups. Cute. Smart. Memorable. What a life!! They probably have plans to meet later for a game of 5 card stud poker.

photo – Patrick Henry – Unsplash

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Dogs with little human contact in the first three months typically don’t make good pets.

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