Karma is a bitch

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Everything changed with the time. Her hair turned white. Wrinkles visited her face and stayed there, getting deeper and more visible. Memories occupied most of her thoughts and she preferred them to the reality.  

Before no one could pass her by on the street without turning their heads. She could have any man she wanted. Before men hoped she would not leave them for someone else.  

Not anymore… 

As soon as she lost her looks her unbearable character stood out and men started leaving. One by one they gathered their suitcases and escaped avoiding looking in her eyes. 

Now in those eyes one could see the bitterness, regrets and fear. She fears the loneliness.

She spends her days with it because she knows that the loneliness will never pack his suitcase and leave like the rest. 

Everything changes with the time… Things that she thought would never happen to her did. Life no longer brings joy, surprises and presents. 

Looking in the mirror now she sees a completely different person. 

Each wrinkle represents her sins from the past. Each wrinkle brings revenge for broken male hearts.  

But everything changes… 

Those men don’t spend their days with the loneliness… but she does… 

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