Jack (Daniels) + memories = inspiration

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She sat there and stared at the blank screen. More than 15 minutes had passed like that. Neither the coffee, nor the music helped… 

Publisher’s deadline was tight and the writer’s block was the last thing she needed now.  

Where did the words go? Why nothing comes out?  

She had tried everything that helped before. She took a shower, had coffee, had her writing music on… nothing worked.  

What did she do to chase the muse away? Was she dependent on the muse and could not write without it? 

She was pressed between the publisher’s deadline, the doubts that were growing inside and the fear of failure. 

Right now she stared at a blank screen, but what if what she writes turns to be crap? What if the publisher finds out that she is just another person, who thinks she can write but in fact can’t? 

Is noon too early for Jack Daniels? Well who is deciding when is it ok to drink alcohol?  

She came back with a large glass filled with ice and whiskey. Even if it doesn’t bring the words back she won’t care when the glass becomes empty. 

She drank slowly closing her eyes with each sip. The liquid went down warming up its way inside. She relaxed more and her doubts decreased with each sip. With her eyes still closed she went back to the archives of her memories.  

Each memory was a story by itself. Now all she needed to do was type them… 

P.S.  I don't drink whiskey


Funny, I've been trying to work up the will to write all day, and after reading your post these words are the first thing I've written. I guess my Kratom, Adderall, and beer are finally kicking in.

haha - much better than no words, no?

Still didn't get shit done today but at least I broke the seal and left a bunch of comments on Steemit. I'll file that under "networking" so I can tell myself I was productive.

Please take this as constructive criticism. Read everything I'm about to say with a positive helpful vibe because that's where it's coming from. So I clicked on your website to check out what you are all about and...I got nothing.

First, "People seem to love what I do" is the same thing as "I guess people like me." Own it, sell it, be it. Your line should be more like "The best Goddamn crypto podcast on the planet since Jesus invested in Bitcoin, Bitch!" or something positive like that.

You mention you are a best selling author but I didn't see any links to buy your work, or even a list of what you have written. I wanted to listen to your podcast but all I got was a link to join Telegram, which I'm not familiar with or want to join. There was that one youtube link with that author but there was no mention of what his book was about. Also, the reviews that pop up on the bottom of the page don't mention anything about actual content. I wanted to get into your podcast but I couldn't access it or know what it was about.

I totally agree with what you say. My website looked completely different before and mostly covered the points you mentioned above... but then I pivoted and had 30 minutes to change it. Never got back to it really and am still debating about how to structure anything and if I should continue with all that stuff at all or not. For the podcast - here it is on itunes - www.anialexander.com/itunes and on spotify - www.anialexander.com/spotify Thanks for taking the time and doing this!

Inspiration? We have very different Jack Daniels experiences 😂

what's your experience?

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